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  1. I'm waitlisted too! Didn't get an email - just checked the portal and it was there. Go check everyone!
  2. Guys, I know I'm being super impatient / slowly descending into madness, but I feel like March is crazy late, especially compared to the other disciplines! Give us the news, people!
  3. Are schools/admissions open today for Presidents Day? (I.e. can I give my email a rest or not?)
  4. Congrats!! I'm not in Epi, but seems like Epi departments in general are really moving things along. Per u/FrozenFreshMeat's post, did you get an automated email from the university/department, or a direct email from a potential advisor?
  5. I don't think it's "desperate" to email them to say thanks and mention that you submitted your app, but honestly, I wouldn't expect much/anything to be gained from sending that email. It's just being polite.
  6. Hey guys! So it begins... Anyone know if Harvard PHS is doing interviews for all of the tracks?
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