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  1. Jesus what a terrible recommendor to have done that. Like dont write a rec if you have nothing but wonderful things to say. Just politely decline your student.
  2. Linnbear, hey I totally get that. Keep in mind though you applied to essentially top 10 schools. And I get that strength of program, funding and status can be large factors, but it's insanely hard to get into those schools. Kudos for applying even.
  3. Congrats! I've been accepted to UMaryland, so that is probably where I am headed also health behavior concentration. Still waiting to hear back from Upenn that's it.
  4. Does that mean Chan has made their decisions and GSAS is being slow with the distribution? Does that mean if I get insanely impatient, I call GSAS next week? Note from site: Application questions: 617-496-6100 (please call between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday), or contact admiss@fas.harvard.edu.
  5. You sound amazing! Way better applicant than me. So your post weirdly comforts me on the whole radio silence thing.
  6. I agree. I feel like a few people have heard and it's probably all rolling out in waves between now and Friday yah? Also I have 5 schools of the 7 I applied to I need to hear from (including Harvard). This torture needs to end!
  7. The intensity at which we are stalking dates and seeking patterns to understand the chaotic admissions process truly represents the nerds we are. Good luck everyone!
  8. Yes, I too emailed them for a different track. Harvard is being really coy. I think decisions wont come out from them till around Feb 23rd. blegh
  9. I am not. I was rejected from PhD in Social Behavioral Intervention under International Health
  10. Honestly, I have come to terms that though some schools have released decisions here and there that I will not hear from the majority of my programs until week of Feb 19th and even into the following week. I have only heard back from 2/7 PhD programs: UMD and JHU
  11. Hi, is this for PhD program or Master's. If it's PhD this too gives me hope because Harvard and Columbia have been totally radio silent. Whyyy???!!!
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