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  1. I haven't experienced this, but I think you should just be honest. They are asking because they want to improve their recruitment the next time around. It's not personal, they'd just like to learn more about prospective students' decision processes.
  2. I'm also in at UNC Chapel Hill for PhD and I have some of the same apprehensions as you. I have spoken to current/former students and they have assured me exactly what your advisor has told you. So my sense is that they really do make it work to provide everyone with some sort of funding. Are you an international student? I've heard it can be a little more tricky for international students because there are certain fellowships/training grants that they can't apply for.
  3. I’m in the same boat for the epi track at Harvard. I had an interview in January but have heard nothing since then. It’s very frustrating!!!
  4. @epi_aspire Congrats!! I'm still waiting to hear back. Which track within epidemiology did you apply to?
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