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  1. PopFam emails sent out today, btw! Fingers crossed you get wonderful news!
  2. was wondering about this too, initially. then I found an email from JHU confirming application submission. in that email, they send you a link to your portal. you set up your password first to access the "status" page.
  3. for anyone waiting to hear from UW Global Health, I have a colleague who got accepted today
  4. For PopFam, committee meeting Friday/Monday, so should hear back next week - that was directly from Gilbert. Someone mentioned possibly hearing this week as well. Good luck!
  5. Official rejections from Harvard are in! Got one today! Kinda sad, but also relieved not to have to check GSAS everyday or refresh my emails every few mins. congratulations to everyone who got amazing news today! So so excited for you!! ❤️
  6. How did the JHU interview go? Was it just with one professor? Population Health scheduled interviews for half day, 3 professors and 1 grad student. Soooo long! I hear you! So stressed that I keep refreshing this page every hour for any new comments. I hope you get good news soon!
  7. A colleague of mine applied and said that she should hear back beginning of Feb for interviews (according to a current PhD student she spoke to). Final decisions are sent a month later.
  8. Bummer. I keep checking my application for a rejection notification. I wish they'd just notify already! But alas, seems we'll have to wait first week of February to get officially rejected. Best of luck with your other schools! Waiting on one more 🤞
  9. Safe to assume at this point that not hearing from Harvard PHS (GHP) = rejection? 😢
  10. Completely agree - I was equally frustrated when the Harvard application asked how many professors I reached out to and spoke to. Programs need to be more clear - I think within schools programs differ too! Also, with most professors that I spoke to, their current projects were not really going to be relevant anymore for Fall 2020 matriculation because they were wrapping up. And we spend the first 1-2 years taking classes. They had other projects in the works, but with funding being unpredictable it was hard to say. I also tried not to push on speaking with a professor, because they get so many emails and I really didn't want to bother with a "hi i'm applying and I need positive reinforcement/confirmation" type of discussion (which is the case with some of these conversations/programs). BUT I did have several Hopkins graduates strongly encourage me to speak with professors, because in the International Health/Family Health departments this seems to help a lot. For Harvard, on the other hand, it is not going to affect you whatsoever. What I've observed looking at their past applicants and based on my discussion with professors, your numbers help a lot - that's their first cut. So i'm not even hopeful anymore given my undergrad gpa was low (3.2) although my grad was 4. I think they also prefer younger applicants. The average age of students (that I stalked) at Harvard PHS is lower (mid 20s?) than the average at Hopkins (late 20s/early 30s). Harvard really stresses quant training and research track, so younger applicants have more years to publish, I guess?
  11. I did, although some FAQ pages said not needed. I still wanted to get a sense of fit with POIs. I focused my efforts on my priority schools - LSHTM, Harvard, and Hopkins, and spoke to at least 2 professors from each. Professors were all so encouraging, and gave me a lot of pointers on what to mention in my personal statement. I had an interesting interaction with Harvard professors. They were all very nice and approachable, but one professor said that there's no need to reach out to professors before applying to gauge fit because they are not part of the selection committee, whereas the other professor disagreed. The latter mentioned that some professors do get asked to review applications and provide feedback. I don't think not having a conversation with professors is going to affect your application. I think it's more useful for interviews and having already spoken with your interviewers beforehand (they usually match you with professors you mention in your PS).
  12. PopFam. Early right? I've been anxiously looking through old gradcafe results to see if this is the norm. But looks like most emails for interviews were received early-mid Jan, especially from Harvard and Hopkins. I didn't know Harvard also held interviews. Their FAQ clearly state that they don't, but previous threads show otherwise.
  13. A colleague of mine already heard from Hopkins about scheduling an interview in early Feb. Anyone else heard? Getting anxious. Thought we’d only hear back in January!
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