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  1. Has anyone heard from the UCSD/SDSU Joint Health Behavior PhD program? Thank you!
  2. Sorry, were you waiting on them? As far as I know they aren't finished sending acceptances yet. There is an admitted students day this coming Thursday, but none of us had to officially accept the offer, so it's possible a few people either won't jive with their potential advisor or might have been offered better perks elsewhere and won't decide to attend USC. Stay positive I'm sure something great is coming your way.
  3. Hi everyone! I know people are on edge this time of app season, but I love to see all of the great news, and for anyone still waiting, I'm sure something great is coming your way. I am rooting for you! Is anyone else attending admitted students day for USC Health Behavior Research on Feb 13th? Wanted to see if I can virtually meet anyone that may be attending. Thank you!
  4. I heard back for a final decision and an invite to the campus visit day. I did not have an in-person interview prior to the notification so I was shocked honestly
  5. I heard back from USC, but also heard that they are not done sending notifications out. I believe they do it in waves according to a friend I have in the HBR program now
  6. Just got this message from USC Health Behavior Research program omg!!! Anyone else apply and hear from USC? You have been admitted to our Health Behavior Research Program at the University of Southern California. Please let us know if you will be accepting our offer. Our next step is the invitation to visit us either for the day. There will be an opportunity for you to meet our faculty and the other admitted students. We provide an all-expenses paid visit for each person selected. We are waiting upon confirmation of the date. It will be sometime near the end of January or very early February. I will let you know as soon as possible.
  7. I received this message from the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle. Don't worry though. There may be different message notification times for different programs! That message was for the program in Health Services!
  8. From University of Washington if anyone else was interested in updates: Hello, Thank you for completing your application for the PhD in Health Services at the University of Washington! Our team has been busy reviewing applications. You can expect to hear back from us on your application status at the beginning of February. Our Accepted Applicant Visit Days are scheduled for February 27th and 28th. If you have any questions about the program or the admissions process, please reach out. Otherwise, we’ll be in contact at the beginning of February. Happy New Year!
  9. Do you know what programs for UMich? I haven't heard anything yet..Definitely fingers and toes crossed
  10. Happy that this thread was somewhat revived with a few people sharing my anxiety!! Good luck to everyone. I hope everyone gets their first choice!!! The main thing is that it's out of our hands for the time being (until the interviews that is) so hopefully we can encourage each other to just breathe and get through the waiting period
  11. Has anyone submitted apps? This thread is dead and I'm feeling lonely in my anxiousness. Anyone want to share feelings of anxiety and nervousness? I've applied to USC, SDSU/UCSD, UMich, UW, UArizona, Georgia State U, and University of North Texas. All Health Behavior/Health Education/Health Promotion. Thanks!!
  12. No I wouldn't be too worried because I'm sure the university has to go through each app and assign an ID, etc. I would wait and if it has been 7 business days since you submitted SOPHAS applications, you can email the department at the university directly and ask. Make sure to check your spam folder too because for some reason some of my emails from universities went there!
  13. Hi! Usually, once you apply on SOPHAS, the university with email you confirming they received the application, here is your student ID#, and there is usually some blurb about making an account with their student portal and that's how you view your application status. Hope that makes sense!
  14. There is another forum post under the Public Health category called "PhD Fall 2020"!
  15. I agree! You're totally right. Some schools have strict requirements and those will automatically eliminate you as a candidate. I might be biased, but I would just say that a Master's program is preferred because it indicates further, more specialized training in any subject. Especially for Biostats, in your Bachelor's you may have had some fundamental training of a stats software and/or coding, but if you're doing an entire Master's degree on this subject, of course you would have further, more in-depth training of some topics/softwares. Doesn't mean that with a Bachelor's it's impossible to get in. I think with even the best stats, it is hard for someone to get into all of the programs they apply to, but given the fairly strong grades in these classes and with a strong SOP and LORs AND research experience, this person is definitely a good candidate for a PhD.
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