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  1. That would not be too ambitious. You sound like a competitive candidate for top programs in Health Systems. I would not worry about a lower grad GPA given the quantitative nature of the program and prestige of the school - plus since you did well on the advanced quant coursework. Make sure you have good recs and statements of purpose.
  2. I don't think you need to be too concerned about a low undergrad GPA. I have seen MPH programs- even in the top 10 of rankings- that say their students have an avg undergrad GPA of around 3.3-3.4 (and some are lower than that since it's an average). It will help if you can strengthen other parts of your application, statement of purpose, GRE (if needed) and public health work experience. I agree with @hopeful2020PhD on the work experience suggestions
  3. @jace_PH @HealthPolicyMgmtPhD Received my concentration letter tonight!
  4. That's great! It sounds like a good fit then! I'm still waiting to receive my letter. I'm really curious who my faculty advisor will be. I heard the implementation science track at JHU will be holding a concentration virtual information session on April 3. I'm planning to attend that- just wish it was sooner! Question: Do you have any thoughts on DrPH vs. PhD in terms of whether the difference of degree matters for you? I work in implementation science research, and most people have said to go with the PhD (especially because of cost), but they are also biased as they have that PhDs. Ther
  5. that's good to know. you are implementation science too, right? they must be going by concentration. hope to get it tomorrow.
  6. Oh good! I haven't received mine yet. Also leaning towards the cheaper option (which is not this) though
  7. I heard that the program will send out letters by the end of the week.
  8. Hi, no I haven't. Last I heard they were delayed and needed to rework the letters based on current events (not sure exactly what would be changing?). I will reach out to see if they can provide an update. Still very conflicted over here too. Today and tomorrow I have been speaking to professors and current students from the 2 other programs I'm considering. I wanted to know my advisor for JHU DrPH and try to arrange a call before making a decision... so hopefully they let us know soon.
  9. The webinar was a helpful overview of the following: accepting the admissions offer, orientation and summer institute, waiver process, prereqs (biostats and epi - must take free waiver exam offered 3x year if didn't take these at JHSPH within the past 5 years), and a description of other resources that will be given to us between now and orientation. The main thing to note now is that the concentration letters will be sent this week and we will be sent the names of our advisors. They tried to accommodate based on the names of faculty that we sent them during the application process. The letter
  10. I was in the webinar too. If it helps - I talked to a current student yesterday who said that the level of mentorship from your advisor really depends on the advisor and advisee. Generally the advisor needs to sign off on your course plan. She said that she knows some students that never hear replies from their advisor on any of their emails so they switched advisors. She said she knows some people who talk to their advisor every couple of weeks to check in. Since we find out our advisors this week, maybe you could feel it out a bit? And if I do this program, I plan to spread the coursework ou
  11. Yes I'm registered and plan to attend the session today at 12pm Eastern time. I will share what they discuss!
  12. I am in this situation too! Hopkins DrPH vs. tuition-covered PhD. I am really unsure at this point. I am attending the upcoming virtual Q&As/info sessions and trying to talk to current students to help with the decision
  13. @DrPH2025 I'm sorry to hear this : / FWIW, I know the program had a large increase in the number of applications this year. Quoting where I answered a similar question (but about a different program). My quant GRE was not good - lower than yours - I considered retaking until I heard that anything above 50th pctile would be fine for this program. Though I have worked in research / data analysis for multiple years so I knew my quant skillset would be well represented on my application. For JHSPH I will say that I have both personal and professional connections to the school and thr
  14. Congratulations!!! I'm not sure as I didn't apply - my work is internationally focused
  15. Yes I did apply for implementation science. No email notification, just checked my portal a few mins ago after seeing the posts here.
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