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  1. I got accepted to NU and UIUC for a fully funded PhD in Mechanical engineering plus stipend. I was first accepted to UIUC and attended the visit day. I have had a great time, met amazing people and faculty, and in general, liked the department. Moreover, I went on another visit day at Madison Wisconsin a week later and immediately knew that Champaign was a better fit for me and I almost committed. However, I hated Champaign (the town) and was hoping to get into another school in a better location. Finally, four days before I need to make a decision, I got into Northwestern which is in Chicago
  2. You are amazing. Thank you! I have not heard from any other school so UIUC will probably be it. Saving money would be nice too... Regarding the money, I got a fellowship too. $30K for 12 months and I have heard from profs that it is about $29K a year past the fellowship. I am not sure about health insurance and fees yet but I am planning on emailing them soon
  3. I received two acceptances and one rejection at the beginning of February but I am still waiting on 5 more schools. It is mid march at this point and I am wondering if I still have any chance to hear a positive reply from them. I have not heard from Berkeley yet and this is my top choice.
  4. I got accepted with RA positions to both UIUC and Madison for PhD in mechanical engineering, and went to visit both schools. UIUC gave me a better offer than Madison and in general, I got a better impression of the school. With that said, Champaign as a town sucks whereas Madison is so pretty. I feel like if I will go to Madison, I will miss on an amazing academic opportunity. With that said, those are 5(!!!) years of my life that I do not want to spend in a small sad college town. I did my undergrad in one of those towns and I am ready to live somewhere different. What do you think
  5. UM-Ann Arbor: February 22-23; March 22-23 University of Chicago: February 7-9; February 21-23 University of Washington: February 21-23; March 7-9 UW-Madison: February 15-17; March 8-10 Yale: March 7-8; March 28-29 Columbia: February 8-10; March 8-10 Northwestern: March 15-17; March 22-24 (On the department website) UCSF: January 27 - 28, and February 3 - 4 (this is assuming that the interview serves as the visiting weekend because why fly candidates out twice when interviews are required) Rice: Feb 7 -9 UC Santa Barbara - Feb 21 -23
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