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  1. BobBobBob

    Advice w/r/t GRE Scores

    For many of the schools on your list, you have to retake the GRE. A 154Q is not going to cut it (if you are in theory then maybe you are fine). Depending on your field and research method, you may also want to show some training in stats/econometrics/math, on top of a 160+Q in GRE. People rarely pay much attention to writing samples. Undergrad thesis should not be emphasized as many applicants came with highest departmental honors, award-winning thesis, summa cum laude etc. REALLY work hard on your SOP, that should be your main focus now. Have a clearly stated research interest and concretely ways that you would go about pursuing that interest.
  2. BobBobBob

    Taking Classes Pass/Fail

    I don't think taking intro to stats gets you competitive in PhD application. You probably want to take more advanced method classes after the introductory class. In that case, as long as you do well in those advanced classes, taking either of the intro classes does not matter that much.
  3. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Does anyone know when Harvard's visit is?
  4. BobBobBob


    Rigor? I would say yes, since you will be taught by the same department and the program requirement looks pretty similar. CIR is more flexible in the sense that it has the option of doing a second year (at least for past years). But I heard it's not guaranteed. You have to demonstrate you are in very good academic standing. You might also want to ask about their placement record.
  5. BobBobBob


    Looks like you are pretty set on coming to MAPSS. Then a lot of your questions will be answered once you are in the program. Workload is pretty heavy. I took two substantive and one method class every quarter. That's usually two 20-page papers and one final exam/project for finals. If you are in theory then you will probably write three papers every quarter. I think this is generally how heavy it is for Masters/pre-candidacy PhD. I didn't choose graduate housing. There are plenty of housing options in Hyde Park. I would say housing here ranges from $500-$900/person in a 2b2b. I took a lot of classes with the same people and we got to know each other pretty well as the year went along. I think this is generally true for other people as well. The graduate students here are really nice, didn't treat me any differently. I'm not sure what you want to know about workshops. I'm not in theory so I can't say much about theory workshops. I think it's probably more important to know that MAPSS is a fairly large program so it's possible that one can just ride along/not put in as much effort. It's a very good program but you have to bring the best out of you to stand out/be successful in PhD application. For those that stick to the end and apply for PhDs, MAPSS has a 90% placement record for funded offers. I know this year there are CP people who got into schools like Princeton/Berkeley/MIT/UChicago. Maybe those familiar with theory can jump in on this. Good luck!
  6. BobBobBob

    Faculty perspectives

    Is it generally possible to negotiate funding packages with public schools?
  7. BobBobBob

    Does this mean I have been accepted?

    I think it wouldn't hurt if you email the department's admin about your application status, especially considering you already have what looks like an admission letter. It's probably overdone but it's just safe not to assume anything until you get a confirmation from the department. Responses here are not from Denver so they don't count.
  8. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Advice from Lego G. Student:
  9. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    High GRE quant score/quant trainings/math trainings/relevant software skills. I feel like we have to somehow score at least one of them.
  10. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Dear Mr., It is with delight I inform you, The submitted application is under review. Acceptance it is not, As you may have first thought. In fact, Decision will be due, In a month or two. But we may place you on a waitlist, Just to see if we are the school, You really wanted to go to.
  11. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Yes. With some of the incredible schools you have, I think you certainly can decline others.
  12. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Seems a little odd that no one on the forum or the results page has claimed Harvard acceptance.
  13. BobBobBob

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Much kudos to you. Another legend on this forum, second only to @CambridgeHeismanLord
  14. BobBobBob

    Faculty perspectives

    Thank you @encyclopediabrown! This is the most informative piece I've read in a while. It sounds like there isn't one thing that can make all the difference for an applicant. So in the end do applicants simply get a score based on GRE/GPA/SOP etc. and the top x percent get in?
  15. Can you provide a little more details? How much are fundings short of and how are current students dealing with it?

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