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  1. Hey! Don't despair! I've also been out of school for some time, and working outside of the US in a not very related industry. I now have two offers from very good schools. You still have two other schools to announce their decisions, and even if they say 'no', it's not your last chance! You have amazing scores and a great GPA. You can work on polishing other areas of your profile if need be. But then again, you still have other two schools to announce their decisions. Write to me if you need to chat with someone.
  2. It's like a Russian troll farm, only with advanced knowledge in formal theory and in how to structure a grammatically correct insult. In the past few weeks I became convinced it's a rather awful representation of Political Scientists, because it gives you the suspicion that in your own cohort you might be surrounded by people with huge fragile egos, who have zero respect for other people, especially if they don't go to CHYMPS and are women, who are so atomized, they think that spousal hires are fundamentally wrong (I'm not saying that this is indeed the case, just that that particular website
  3. I was also wondering about the same. But since it's going to cost a pretty penny, and I'd have to get a visa, I'm not going to attend. Instead, I'm connecting with professors and grad students at the schools that admitted me. I talked to some international students already, and they said they used the same tactic.
  4. Oh, why the sad face? These are terrific choices! So you have reason to celebrate
  5. You can check it on the results page. Just type in the search box the name of the university and "political science" or "government": http://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/
  6. I wonder the same. I think I'm waiting for a rejection from Princeton, and viewing the acceptances on the results page happens almost in slow motion. I wish they released them without such a lag...
  7. This is funny! Because I avoid it at all costs! Too toxic for my taste
  8. I have to disagree with the point about recommendations. It is not true that LORs are the most important thing only provided that they are from famous scholars or scholars at famous institutions. The reason this is not true is because famous scholars often do not bother to write a nice personalized letter of recommendation. Instead, they opt out for something generic. A letter from a professor who is not famous, but knows you well and can write that you are the best, brightest student she has ever had will be more beneficial for your overall 'package' than a boring letter from a famous scholar
  9. One of the schools I applied to gave me a campus number a few weeks after I've applied, so I am not sure it is indicative of greater things to come. But I haven't had an email address given to me by that institution, so I don't know...
  10. @cpmethods I heard Harvard doesn't have interviews. Has that changed?
  11. @buckinghamubadger I agree with you. And I wish that rankings weren't as important as they seem to be. Heck, I'm not even from the US, so my university probably ranks 5000th, if not worse. But the post I was referring to did not cite US News rankings. And it was from a professor who sat on committees to hire professors at a non-top10 institution. Of course, it is possible that a person becomes a great scholar attending a formally lower ranked institution. Talent and, more importantly, grit count. But it is an uphill battle in a situation, when the deck is already stacked against us.
  12. I was wondering about the same and found an answer on this forum. I think it makes sense (although still disputable): Realist lists the schools about half page down, and here it is. He also later adds Northwestern to the list. "It concerns me that so many of you are worried about "top 25" or not, and are apparently unaware of what is unambiguously a top 25 department. Here's the best that I can tell of unambiguously top 25 political science PhD programs. These will show up in any list of top programs. Some rankings rank based on faculty productivity, which is not what you're lo
  13. Hello guys! Could you look at this Argument Essay for the GRE? I am not sure whether I fulfilled the requirements of the prompt. Any feedback is welcome! Workers in the small town of Leeville take fewer sick days than workers in the large city of Masonton, 50 miles away. Moreover, relative to population size, the diagnosis of stress-related illness is proportionally much lower in Leeville than in Masonton. According to the Leeville Chamber of Commerce, these facts can be attributed to the health benefits of the relatively relaxed pace of life in Leeville. Write a response in whi
  14. Thank you all for sharing! I appreciate this information very much. PoliticalOrder, thank you for showing the difference between qualitative course structure and qualitative faculty. I was looking mostly at faculty, when researching programs and assumed that more qualitative faculty must mean more qualitative courses. Also, to your post and others above, I wasn't implying that I do not intend on taking any quant courses at all. I believe both qual and quant have something to offer. I was just concerned that because I am inclined to using a mostly qualitative methodology, this migh
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