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  1. Just wondering how Harvard would notify acceptance to the international applicants. I did see someone received an email from the Harvard on the results page. Can anyone who received the phone call confirm this? TY!
  2. I'm IR/CP. I am not too sure about the theory subfield, but I think chances are high that they already released most of the acceptances, according to the content of the email. On the other hand, you never know what will happen before the official notification comes out. Be patient and don't despair. Good luck!
  3. Just an email from the DGS. It says there will be a follow-up email that covers more details about the open house and the funding package.
  4. In at Cornell. just received the email.
  5. Also claim the Princeton acceptance! IR/CP field. Just received the email. More than thrilled!
  6. New poster about Princeton acceptance poped up on the results page. Any one received the email?
  7. Guys, also a poster claiming that he/she received an interview request from Penn. Troll again?
  8. Their way of accepting is almost the worst. They emailed to those who were accepted and waitlisted a week ago and did not offer any updates to those who have not received any notifications. Just let you hang in there. I even feel that a direct rejection is much better.
  9. Thanks! I wish they could send acceptances and rejections at the same time or at least, in a short period, but not let the rest hang in there.
  10. Thank you! And for those who claimed acceptance and waitlisted of GWU. Does your portal get updated? Mine still shows "You application is under review." I assume it is already a rejection.
  11. Congrats to those who have been admitted! Just realized there was a poster claiming the Harvard acceptance in the results page. Do you think it is a troll? Another puzzle of mine: do you think it is a good idea to contact the POI which you haven't reached under the current stage? Will that hurt? Thanks!
  12. I checked the results page of this website. Five posters about GWU this year. All of them are accepted.
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