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  1. UC Irvine for me too. I'm applying with Comparative Politics as my sub-field.
  2. From what I know, the AWA score really isn't that important. Given your verbal score, I think you should be fine especially if your SOP and writing sample are in good shape. Btw, your question is answered in the stickied "Faculty perspectives" thread:
  3. Makes sense. To be honest though, I'm probably less concerned than the average applicant about placement records because I'm ok with the idea of pursuing an academic career somewhere in Asia (where I'm from). In that case, I think either Amhest or JHU will suffice. Still, your point regarding placement (especially in North America) is well taken. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. They are definitely among the political scientists I'd like to work with. And yes, that's what I figured. I'll try to improve on that score during my retake. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I've been workshopping my Statement of Purpose with one of my LORs and with professors/PhD students from some of the schools I'm applying to (was lucky enough to make their acquaintance during MPSA). Why wouldn't you apply to Amherst or JH? Too lowly ranked?
  5. School: A university in the Philippines Major: Philosophy GPA: 3.44/4.00 Graduate School: Private research university in the East Coast Degree: International Political Economy GPA: 3.9 GRE: 170 V, 154 Q, 4.5 AW (will retake) Subfield: Comparative politics- qualitative methods with focus on democratization and political violence in Southeast Asia Graduate Courses taken: Applied Econometrics (B+ mentioning this because I'm worried that this grade will keep me out of the top-tier departments), Qualitative Research Methods, Comparative Politics, Political
  6. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on my MA in International Political Economy, but am planning to apply for PhD in Political Science when I'm done. My political science grades are good, but got a B+ in Econometrics. I didn't do as well as I would've liked because this is my first time taking up any classes in statistics/economics. I'm asking because I've heard that MA students are expected to have straight As in grad school. Will this B+ kill my chances of getting into a decent political science grad program? Keep in mind that all of my other grades are pretty good.
  7. Just a quick question: does the admission committee read our listed published articles, or do they just limit themselves to reading the writing samples? sorry if the question's a bit silly, just want to better understand how the application process goes.
  8. Got it. Thanks for the helpful responses. Will just edit and improve my undergraduate thesis.
  9. I'll specialize in Comparative Politics and make Political Theory either my second major (if possible) or minor. Given that, do you think the Arendt paper would suffice? And definitely, I have plans to policy the paper. Thankfully, my undergraduate thesis advisor has agreed to help me out a bit.
  10. Hi everyone, I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and am now applying for a PhD in Political Science. I'm having a hard time deciding what to submit as my writing sample. I don't have any solo-authored papers that'll show the admissions committee my proficiency in quantitative methods. I've published in a peer-reviewed journal before, but don't think I can submit that piece because it's co-authored. However, I did write a senior thesis on Hannah Arendt and democratic theory, which received an A. Should I write a new and more 'quantitative' article, or merely revise and improve a secti
  11. Hi everyone, I'm currently applying to PhD in Political Science programs and Masters in Public Policy programs. I need some help deciding on my third recommendation letter. Option 1: My old philosophy teacher. He has a PhD in Philosophy. I've taken him in two classes. I did excellently in his classes and I consider him to be a mentor. Option 2: A political science instructor who has been my teacher and colleague. I've worked with him on different advocacy campaigns. He has an MA in Political Science. Again, I did well in his class and I consider him to be a mentor. The ad
  12. ^^^One more thing to add: Quant background: Got Bs in Basic Social Science Statistics course and Quantitative Methods course; co-founded data analytics company
  13. Hi everyone! Would like to know what my chances are of getting accepted by AND receiving some funding from my target schools. What other programs/universities can I aim for? Should I aim higher or lower? Program: MPP/MIA/MPA Interests: International Development, International Relations Schools Applying To: Columbia (SIPA), Tufts (Fletcher), Syracuse (Maxwell), Carnegie Mellon (Heinz), Duke (Sanford), Cornell (CIPA) Undergrad Institution: Highly-ranked Philippine/Asian university Undergraduate GPA: 3.44 Undergraduate Major: AB Philosophy, but took 11 social science c
  14. Thank you! One more question: what about University of Maryland? Would you know if my GRE scores are ok for UMD?
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