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  1. Hi! I wanted to jump in here and encourage you not to worry too much about what you do in the interim. (I'm a full-time paralegal myself, and was throughout my MA.) According to both of my supervisors, having a "regular" job can be an asset. It shows that you know how to work with people, can stick to something, and have a more varied skillset. I'm certainly no expert and I don't have a ton of standing - this is my first application cycle and, so far, I have been (somewhat) successful. I also stayed in contact with people from my undergrad and MA and took any history-related/writing experience
  2. Thank you! It was my top pick, given my specific research area, so I'm thrilled. I'm waiting to hear back from Michigan, Chicago, Wisconsin-Madison, and Rutgers. I've been advised to hold off on accepting until I find out about those, but the only other one I think would consider at this point is Michigan. I'm a Europeanist, so I'm not sure about how many Americanists they took. Good luck to you! An MPhil from Cambridge, expense aside, is super exciting and something to be really proud of.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm one of the Northwestern admits. I spoke with one of my POIs last week and was told that the department is expecting a cohort of 8-10 this year.
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