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  1. Did anyone here apply for the Christie's program, whether in NYC or London? I was shortlisted for an interview and took it last week but haven't heard anything back. Also for anyone who did apply, do you remember what the salary was listed on the application?
  2. valley

    At a crossroads

    Thanks for the advice. I'll look into the UT Austin program. I have seen other users on here post about being rejected because they do not have adequate background in the field. As I said before, I've only take around three history courses, and each was vastly different in scope, method, and area (Russian intellectual history in 19th c. versus Greek Hellenism and modernity, for example). Will this factor heavily disadvantage me? Or could I just really write a good SoP to compensate for it?
  3. valley

    At a crossroads

    I'm currently a senior graduating this semester (off-track) at a top 4 Ivy League university in sociocultural anthropology. I began as a political philosophy major and then moved into anthropology, but my interests now lie mostly at the intersection of early 20th century German ethnography and expressions of the urban/modern everyday. Pretty much all of my interests, however, have shifted throughout my college career, and because of this as well as my off-track graduation status, I wasn't able to write a thesis, although I have published one essay on urban violence and art in northern Mexico.
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