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  1. Minou

    Trudeau 2019

    People selected for interviews were notified a couple of days ago. Best of luck next year to those who didn't make it this times around.
  2. Minou

    Trudeau 2016

    FYI, quarter-finalists have already been contacted and had to submit their video last week, good luck to those who made it to this stage and to others, better luck next year!
  3. Minou

    Trudeau Foundation Scholarship - 2015

    I received a phone call this morning telling me I am invited for an interview next week (20th of March). Hope everyone else also got good news today! They said that 30 people in total are invited for interviews.
  4. In my case they were all conference I presented papers at.
  5. First time poster, long time lurker here as well. I received my letter last night and was awarded a CGS! Committee 3 Anthropology, archaeology (except classical archaeology), archival science, communications and media studies, etc Direct applicant on a sabbatical from school while I work as a researcher. My score: 20.7/30 Stats when applied 3.85/4.3 Undergrad GPA 4.17/4.3 MA GPA 2 very strong letters, one of which mentioned I was the top student the department has had in the last 10 years 1 peer reviewed book chapter forthcoming (sole author) 1 co-authored peer reviewed article forthcoming (main author) 2 non peer reviewed publications (one sole author, one second author) 10 peer reviewed conferences (9 as presenter, one as second author) a couple community and invited talks 5 RAs 3 TAs two years of professional research experience leading a community-based project Masters SSHRC a couple travel grants and one undergrad award I did about 6 major edits of my proposal, had it looked over by 4 faculty, and participated in a peer grant writing workshop. My project is innovative and could have tangible ramifications beyond academia. To everyone who got it congratulations and for others who were not so lucky (as luck has a lot to do with it), don't give up and continue buffing up your application! Also, if anyone is waiting on FRQSC I will be turning down my award with them.

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