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  1. hey there! In the letter they say the deadline for submitting the tuition deposit is March 21st. Hope it helps!
  2. Just got admission to an unfunded MA in sociocultural anthro at Columbia after being rejected from their PhD program. Anyone with similar result?
  3. No I still haven't received a reply either and I've scheduled the interview on Thursday afternoon (PT) which is just a few hours ahead. Getting nervous as well.
  4. I'm invited as well (sociocultural). Super excited at first when I read the word "finalist" in the email but then I became more sober seeing all the interview posts in the forum. Well there is still a long way to go! My POI mentions also that the interview is going to be about 10-15 minutes. I wonder how such a short meeting is going to play out in the application. Same international applicant here! I also did not receive any feedback after sending out my proposal of interview time. Judging from your profile and the wording of the interview request email, I guess it's pretty likely that we share the same POI!
  5. Hey there! I am currently doing my master in Media and Political Communication at FU. Guess you've already finished the application as the Uni-Assist deadline has passed. Wish you all the luck! As for the GPA, I just want to add that it's not just about the final scores but also about matching your BA coursework to the institute's own BA module plan (so-called fachliche Einschlägigkeit). I felt that this is a German specialty when I was applying two years ago, because some universities claimed that they would look at every individual lesson I took and recalculate the GPA only by the courses they recognize as relevant. That is why I added a detailed course description alongside the transcript of Records, offering AdCom clear clues on what each course is about. Other than this, I think a GPA of 3.6 is in itself good enough. You can check the newest admission data (http://www.fu-berlin.de/studium/docs/DOC/ncliste_master.pdf). Somehow all the applicants of MA North American Studies last year were offered study places (weirdly enough). Do note that FU and HU are located in totally different districts, one in the bucolic southwest suburb and another in the middle of Brandenburger Tor, Friedrichstr as well as the Museum Island. They incorporate two disparate universes to me, but this living east-west contrast is exactly why Berlin is so charming from an foreigner's eyes haha.
  6. Definitely! Since you are also applying Anthropology from a different MA field (what is it?), I assume you must have a very strong and particular motivation to begin with. Don't lose it however unrealistic it may seem! Anxiety hits me from time to time too but it keeps man going further and getting better right? For practical reasons, I am going to do an one-year MA research training program in Social science which starts in October this year, filling the gap year before the successful admission into an PhD program. In this period I will count on my RA salary in a university research center to make the ends meet.
  7. I have a similar position regarding your idea of sociology as a big tent. My BA is in Communication and I am about to graduate from MA in Media and Political Communication (Sept. 2017). I am considering switching to Sociology in PhD because I have grown a particular interest in deaf/ disability studies, a field relatively less investigated by communication scholars. Do you have a particular research question? That will probably guide you a lot in deciding the theoretical and methodological canons. As for me, I am currently using critical discourse analysis in my master thesis to detect statist ideology hidden behind the propagandistic stories of deaf Chinese promulgated by state agent. For the PhD I want to explore how the relationship of Chinese state and deaf citizens have been shaped and transformed through top-down government projects and bottom-up actions. In order to answer this broader question I’ve pinned down political sociology as the framework of inquiry and comparative-historical analysis + ethnography as empirical methods. That being said, I am still trying to carve out a coherent research idea in my SoP, alongside with reasoning why I want to switch my focus from communication to sociology. Last year I also tried to apply to Cultural Anthropology but it didn’t work. So hopefully the second time is a charm!
  8. Hey there! This year will be my second round of application. The 2016 cycle ended in a total disaster (applied only to 4 big-name programs in Cultural Anthropology, no interviews), but I still enjoyed the process because it motivated me to gather a lot of information and to build Initial networks with POIs that will be of use in the new cycle. As an international student living outside the States, every piece of insider information is precious haha. I am interested in the intersection of deaf/disability studies, political sociology/ anthropology and media studies. That being said, I am still trying to crystalize a coherent research question that well connects these fields (e.g: how are state agents actively articulate the national identities of local deaf citizens in the background of rising global deafhood activism?). I have been trained in a media-centered discipline (BA Communication, MA Media and Political Communication) but want to embed my research in a more sociological/ ethnographical framework. Last year I started my formal application in October (TOEFL and GRE obtained earlier) while I was doing an exchange semester, which seems quite pressing in retrospect. This year, with more time, I am going to: finish my master thesis before August and graduating from current MA program, advance sign language skills (I am hearing), familiarize myself with relevant fields, especially anthro of state and anthro of disability, to polish the SoP, and retake GRE on Summer. Besides that, I just had a co-authorship book chapter accepted by Springer VS in March and it will be published by the end of year. It’s an empirical research paper based on Social Network Analysis, a method I am hoping to keep using in the PhD project. Maybe the publication in CV will be better looking.
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