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  1. I applied to 10 which is WAYYY too many. (I think they are all in my signature line) But I just accepted my spot to Columbia yesterday!
  2. Wishing you the best of luck! Did you apply other places as well?
  3. hahaha graffiti... do you mean confetti? Mine just opened up to an email. I know NYU had confetti tho.
  4. adding on to this Columbia thread... I have talked to two current MSW on campus students at Columbia and they really like it!! They said professors have been pretty helpful and engaging even during this pandemic. They have also highlighted that the CU alumni nework is great.
  5. Hey! I am 98% sure I am! Just waiting on a few final schools to get back to me to make my final choice. I am from Nor cal, so I am super excited to head to NYC!
  6. yes and SDSU! on the Luskin Social welfare instagram they did a post saying "all decisions will be sent out by the end of next week.." so 6ish more days of pain...
  7. I AM!!! the waiting game is killing me!!! I check my email/portal every hour(even less lol).
  8. I am now just waiting on the CA schools I applied to!- SDSU, UCLA, USC and CSUSM. what about you?
  9. It's making me so nervous!! I think this year they had their most applicants too
  10. according to the CA MSW support facebook group - someone got into UCLA yesterday!! The waiting is killing me!!!
  11. That is AMAZING! Huge congrats. I hope I get in. If I do get in-- It will come down between UCLA and UPenn.
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