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  1. I watched lots of videos on YouTube of the city and campus. That may help you to get a feel for the environment. Talking to ppl who go to the school or live in the area may also help.
  2. Just got into SDSU!!! Applied to the 3 year program in direct practice on 11/11.
  3. oh wow, you're so brave! I think I would have felt pressured to accept the 3 year. I hope it all works out and a spot opens up in the 2 year program for you this year ?
  4. is CSUDH your top choice? are you waiting for/have you been accepted to other schools?
  5. Thank for sharing! You applied to the 3 year program? Congratulations on UCLA!!! ?
  6. Congratulations on your acceptances!! April 15th definitely sounds better than the end of the month. The admission process seems chaotic with the different response times from each school. People are making decisions without hearing back from programs or receiving their financial aid packages and accepting offers they may have to recend when they hear back from other schools. It's all very stress inducing and anxiety provoking. Hopefully it will be over soon. And you're welcome!
  7. I'm with you impatiently waiting. I received the same email. Some people heard back about two weeks ago, but I haven't seen too many others reporting on their decisions since then. I'm trying not to get too caught up in that, but I wonder how they are working through applications. Which program did you apply to? In another thread folks mentioned that you can check your application status. I will put the link. https://sunspot.sdsu.edu/pls/webapp/web_menu.login
  8. Has anyone who heard back from SDSU or is still waiting applied to the part time program? Also, if you heard back, did SDSU give a deadline to respond to their offer?
  9. For those who received an admission, will you be accepting? Also, did SDSU give a deadline to respond by? Still waiting over here. I was able to access the portal, so thanks for sharing that info!
  10. Hang in there! I hope you get in and hear from them soon ?
  11. Same. Once I saw an email that said to check the portal, I knew it would be a rejection. I don't feel anything, maybe it will hit me later. I hope others who have applied get it!
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