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  1. Earlier in May i got accepted to a great program and accepted a few weeks later. Recently i got accepted off a waitlist to my top choice . how is the best way to go about withdrawing from the first school? should i let them know i accepted a different offer? a lot of my reasons are financial and personal (i'd be closer to home + living at home) + my top choice aligns better with my career goals. how can i go about writing an email asking baout how to withdraw and not burn any bridges.
  2. thanks. i'm pretty sure this is the program i want to go to but i dont have funding and so the other program is much cheaper so honestly my decision came down to finances.
  3. What happens if you accept but change your mind? Is that allowed?
  4. Accepted and have until the 20th to give my answer. But i'm confused on what to do because i will be having a few decisions coming in right around that time. is it okaty to ask for extensions?
  5. Is it possible to switch tracks before entering a program? basically i want to know if it's okay to ask about what i can do if i changed my mind and am interested in pursuing the thesis track option (both still unfunded) rather than the generalized non-thesis track? in the thesis track i would get the opportunity t focus on research in a specific field within my MS topic whereaas the nonthesis version is more industry built and rather than a thesis you complete an internship.
  6. on the brink of failing 2 classes. have applied to master programs and still waiting on decisions. Anyone know what this could potentially mean if i do get acceptances? i've gotten one unoffical one already (just waiting for my official transcript to reach them to get an official offer)
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