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  1. There's one acceptance for Columbia listed on the results page. Has anyone else heard back? Past results suggest that there is sometimes a gap of at least a few days between their first PhD acceptance and their last.
  2. Same here. No emails or Grad Cafe results for five programs.
  3. That sounds great! There's nothing better than a good law librarian when you have tough research questions.
  4. You might want to consider looking into Medicaid eligibility. I'm not sure what your needs are, but it's generally better than private insurance in covering a lot of disability-related needs. There are some relatively lesser-known corners of Medicaid eligibility rules, so make sure you're able to get accurate information beyond the first-level income eligibility charts that you might see.
  5. I'm also a lawyer in New Jersey. Are you working as a law librarian?
  6. I'm a wheelchair user applying to PhD programs in sociology. I have quite a bit of experience in figuring out how to get things done at universities (this would be my third graduate degree), so let me know if I can help problem solve.
  7. Anyone waiting on Columbia? Gradcafe reports that last year's acceptances started coming in as early as January 30, though that was a bit earlier than in other recent years.
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