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  1. Clinical Or I/O Psychology?

    I have been sort of wondering about a lot of these things too, lol.
  2. Question About Educational Psychology

    Does anyone know what the difference is between a school psychologist and an educational psychologist? Is it the case that to get a PhD in educational psychology one needs to have a degree in education first? Thanks
  3. Crime Rates

    I believe that @avflinsch makes good points. Another thing to consider is whether or not the frequency of reporting crimes has changed at all over the past 100-200 years. If you are looking for objective truth, you should not only be interested in the number of crimes reported, because that (potentially) says very little about whether or not crime rates have changed. I hypothesize that the frequency with which individuals report crimes has in fact changed over the past century. Presumably, the introduction of worldwide communication (e.g., the internet) and pocket-sized phones has undoubtedly created more opportunities for crimes to be reported and therefore included in a countries crime rate data. Thus, perhaps London's crime rate statistics from 1920 would be much different (i.e., much higher) if the cities inhabitants owned cellphones and computers.
  4. Crime Rates

    We are seeing differences in the TYPES of crimes being committed over the last 100 years. For instance, in 1920 one would not expect a suicide bomber to walk into a small grocery store and attempt to massacre 30+ people by detonating explosive devices attached to their torso. However, just as theft was a serious problem in London in 1920, it still is today. For argument's sake, let us assume that there were more stabbings in London in 1920 vs. 2017. In fact, let us assume that the stabbings now are outnumbered 5 to 1 when compared to the number of stabbings in 1920. Even if this is true, we have a huge question that must be taken into consideration if we wish to determine whether crime rates are better or worse in 2017 vs. 1920: Is it the case that 20 stabbings per day in 1920 vs. 4 stabbings per day in 2017 indicates that crime rates are higher in 1920 vs. 2017 when we take into consideration the differences in the ways in which crimes are being committed? Perhaps there really are more stabbings each day, but even if there is one suicide bombing per month (this is just an arbitrary example to make a point), approximately 20-70 people could be killed in this bombing. Therefore, the death toll brought about by crime at the end of the month could be very similar if not even greater in 2017, but there are technically less crimes being committed because the suicide bombing is only one event. These are questions we have to take into consideration if we wish to answer your question together @Morlaf Disclaimer: I realize my numbers do not add up particularly well in the example used above (lol), but you get the point
  5. Crime Rates

    It varies a greta deal depending on WHERE you are talking about.
  6. Counselling Psychologist Salary

    I always hate asking questions about salaries because people will often immediately assume that you are only interested in money... but here it goes In Canada, can counselling psychologists make up to 100K per year? I have looked online, but one can never be sure at all about salary reports on sites such as pay scale because you never know what kind of people decide to report their salary (e.g., only highly paid workers because they are so happy with their career).
  7. School Psychology?

    Does anyone have any experience applying to MA or PhD programs in school psychology? I'm wondering what my grades would need to be to get accepted into either, and whether or not I could do my MA or PhD in school psychology in another country and then come back to Canada to work here?
  8. Grades & Grad School..

    Just curious... What kind of grades does one need to get into average PhD and Masters programs for sociology in either Canada, the USA, or Europe? Also, how important are Masters grades vs. undergraduate grades for getting accepted to a PhD program in sociology? Thanks guys!!!
  9. Memorial PsyD

    Did anyone get accepted to/apply to Memorial's PsyD program in Canada?
  10. Clinical Psychology hopeful...

    Hi Everyone, I am a third year undergraduate psychology honours student. Over the past year or so I have decided that I very badly want to be a clinical psychologist as helping people in this way would be an absolute dream come true for me. I don't know why, but theres something that just keeps screaming to me that I do not have what it takes.. I live in Fredericton New Brunswick, meaning UNB has a MA/PhD program available to me when I graduate, but everyone just keeps telling me how competitive clinical is to get into and I just feel as though i don't have what it takes to be honest. My GPA so far for my undergraduate degree is about 4.0/4.3, or about a 3.84ish/4.0. I absolutely love psychology and the idea that I could make a career out of it (and helping people to boot) but the the apparent competitiveness of getting accepted to the programs in Canada is so overwhelming for me because I don't want to feel like I'm chasing something that is not realistically within my reach. I haven't written the GRE's, so I cant comment much on that, but does anyone else ever feel this way? I'm sort of scared that I'm going to chase this dream with all my heart only to end up failing... I do not currently have much lab experience, but i think I'm going to work hard over the next two years to get as much as I possibly can.. Anyone have any advice or insight? Thanks so much for reading