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  1. BeezKnees

    Reaching out to rejected programs

    Ive done so; the programs usually didnt give much input but reaching out to POIs helped! Some didnt answer, but the ones that did had some helpful advice/thoughts on why I had been rejected and what I could do in the future cycles to stand out.
  2. BeezKnees

    can I copy and paste my own work within a single essay?

    ^ seconding what he said above. If you have to repeat something twice word for word, you probably didnt explain it well enough to begin with.
  3. I started applying at 21, got in when i was 25.
  4. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Cant hurt! Id do it.
  5. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Yep! When my POI told me it didnt go through, he told me it was because of my grades. Basically, they werent high enough.
  6. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    It happened to me with Regina 2 years ago, but i dont think its common at all.
  7. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Id suggest emailing your specific POI(s) and asking if their interviews/acceptances have gone out. If you didnt list someone as a POI its not likely youd get an interview or acceptance from them.
  8. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    I heard from my POI about 3 days after my interview that he had put in a recommendation, then got my official offer about a week after that. So probably about a week or so!
  9. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    After the open house, most of the profs have sent in their recommendations for admission for first round. Im not 100% sure if the admission letters have gone out officially. There is a chance that some of the priority POI have turned down the students they brought to the open house/decided not to take a student, or that people will decline outright though, so its possible there may be a couple POIs who will do interviews between now and around April. The people that arent still being considered as backups/possibilities for other pois will likely get a second round of rejections sometime soon.
  10. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Not sure about any of the others, but York is having their open house today. After that, the first round of acceptances should be going out relatively soon after (although reading week may delay this a bit). With that being said, for York last year 4 out of the 8 people in the accepted class did not attend the open house, so don't give up hope until you receive a rejection!
  11. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    I heard back from one within 3 days, another within a week, one within 2 weeks, another within a month, and another ghosted me entirely, lol. Basically, theres no set rule but really depends on where your poi is on the priority list for acceptances- most wont email you with a yes until its been confirmed by the university that its a go. They may not answer until theyre done interviews etc either. Be patient, even though its hard!
  12. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Its a horrible tunnel to be stuck in, haha. It took me 4 rounds of applications (56 applications in total) before I got in, so I remember the trauma of application season all too well, lol. If you (or anyone else( ever have any questions about York, feel free to ask me!
  13. BeezKnees

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    To keep the hope more alive, if you dont receive an invite it doesnt mean you wont get in! I didnt get an invite to the open house last year, but was given an interview mid-march, and was accepted at the end of March.
  14. BeezKnees

    Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Depending on when you went to the portal, I think there was a deadline time at most schools for when you had to reply by today. After that time, anyone who hadn't responded to an offer basically lost their spot. Not sure if that's what happened, but it might be.
  15. BeezKnees

    Making Bad Decisions in WV

    Money is important, but finding a place where you feel at home and welcomed is even more important.

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