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  1. I just checked, it got fixed. so the dates are dates of commencement? either starting this year May or Sepetember
  2. I think so, it can be deferred for up to 3 years
  3. Okay... Thank you for letting me know. Mine is UBC... so I guess we just have to wait then? I'm a bit scared to accept it now...
  4. I got an offer! But I have a question, when I choose to accept, it shows three options for me to click: 2021-05-01, 2021-09-01, 2022-01-01. They don't seem to be dates of commencement, Does anyone know what they are and how should I choose?
  5. I heard UBC faculty usually start reviewing app files at the end of Dec. and send invitations for in person interview in early Jan.
  6. Could someone share about group meeting experience? In my schedule, there is a group orientation about the program, it doesn't sound like an interview because it is labeled as orientation. So I'm wondering whether I should be active and ask questions during the orientation, or it doesn't matter?
  7. I have a feeling I'm over-prepared for my clinical psych interview this coming Tuesday. I read about 8 articles of my POI and 3 for each of the other two profs who will interview me. I also want to read graduate students' pubs, but I feel like that may not be necessary... I'm just gonna spend tomorrow to prepare questions... Then I'm done.. really hope this process will end soon.
  8. Hi guys, I've received an interview invite and it's happening soon. I am a person who loves bright color, like red and orange. I have a red suit which I want to wear it to my interview. I'm not sure whether it's appropriate?
  9. I wonder whether it's appropriate to ask tips and advice from POI's graduate students from the interview?
  10. I applied. and my status is under-review. I don't think they do any interviews.
  11. Hello guys, I applied to Uwaterloo Master clinical psychology program. I haven't heard anything yet, so I think it means a no given that the on-site interview is on Feb. 1. I wonder whether it's still necessary to apply for OGS which is due on Feb 1? I've already said in my app that I will apply for OGS. but I also don't want to waste the time to write the proposal if I will be rejected anyway..
  12. Since UBC and SFU are so close......I wonder whether you know about when is UBC's on-campus interview date? and when will applicants receive invites? Thank you!!!!!! 
  13. Anyone knows about when is UBC's on-campus interview date? and when will applicants receive invites? Thank you!!!!!!
  14. Don't worry too much now, I think there is still hope. Each supervisor has different schedule and timeline to contact potential students for interviews. Let's worry after two weeks ?
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