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  1. Yay congrats! Are you ready for orientation and everything?!
  2. Congrats! Ill be doing the 3 year but now i wish i would have done the 2! lol Ok perfect! Have you registered for classes yet?
  3. Hi! Anyone on here attending CSULA for their MSW program? If so, are you doing the 2 or 3 year program? Also, have you heard from Lightburn regarding anything? I am a little confuse what we do next. Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys! I applied to CSUF on January 16th for the Flex program. Interviewed April 10th and got accepted April 26th.
  5. Hi Andrea, You shouldn’t assume you’ll be denied because you never know! Maybe they’re still debating between people or maybe people who were accepted will deny it so there will be open slots. Next week is the beginning of May and Segovia should be close to done notifying people of their Acceptance so yeah I would start applying to places because employers take a while to get back to applicants anyways. And if you get an interview and/or get a job offer then awesome but that doesn’t mean you have to take the job. And if you don’t get into the program then work and apply again to this pro
  6. Did you apply to the 2 year or 3 year for csula?
  7. Hi @Elliemsw! Did you interview with CSUF already and waiting to hear back from that? My bf's sister graduated from USC and she really enjoyed her time there but when I hear her talk about the $100,000 + plus that she's now owes it hurts my heart because that's so much money. She's a social workers for LA County and getting the same pay as anyone else who graduated from a csu. My piece of advice is to save your wallet.
  8. Yeah it will all work out! Just have to be positive. What are your stats?
  9. I think they are notifying people until the end of the month. I was looking at old topics from last year and some people were getting invites for interviews like on March 30th so there's still time. Did you apply to other schools?
  10. I put child welfare but I am contemplating between that one and community health. Segovia said there was time in the beginning to figure out which one to choose before we have to start taking the elective classes pertaining to that concentration. What did you choose?
  11. Thank you so much! I am very appreciative of these tips and I hope you get your acceptance soon (:
  12. Hi! I applied on the last day January 16th for the three year program. I received an email yesterday to come in for an interview. My interview is on April 10th. There were slots available all the way until April 20th so for those who have not heard back yet don't lose hope! Anyone who had their interviews already mind sharing any tips and/or questions? Thanks and good luck to everyone! (:
  13. I applied to cal states because I live in ca but if you live on the east coast I am not sure how it is. However, the csu's really look at the last 60 semester units. So if other schools follow that then I would try going back to school at like a community college and take classes relating to social work and try to raise your gpa so you can apply to msw programs for the following year. But as the other gal said, you wont know until you try. Hope this helps!
  14. I’m sure you’ll hear from them shortly! I’m debating between csuf and csula. Csuf because it’s a good program and convenient because it’s closest to me. But I feel I’ll get good field work experience from csula. So I’ll be happy at either programs. What’s yours?
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