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  1. Rejected from UBC's on campus program and waitlisted on the op-res Waiting on UToronto
  2. Accepted at UToronto's PhD, about 9 hours ago! Feb. 15, 3-ishpm PST is when the e-mail came. Waitlisted at UBC's MA program. Strong preference goes to Toronto. Still waiting on York University (Toronto) for their MA.
  3. Waitlisted for UBC's MA program, received e-mail today from the assistant
  4. betts15, thanks so much for the input! I have actually accdepted NYU's Journalism offer. They gave me 2/3 funding
  5. Ahh, sorry for mis-reading. Well in that case, congrats! And thanks NYC has been a dream since I was a teenager~
  6. Thanks for the response grindian! So sorry to hear about the rejection. I also got rejected by some other programs I applied to and trust me, I know how it feels. And thank you so much for weighing in on this. You're right about the pros and cons regarding location for the three schools. Update: After much consideration, I've put the deposit down for NYU.
  7. ^Damn... I'd be pissed too if it's only the three of you. If it's like that, then do definitely confide in A about your discomfort with B.
  8. It should be (i.e. I don't see why it won't be possible). Make sure to call both schools and ask ASAP. Sorry if this isn't very informative, but if School B is the one you'd rather go to, then by all means, go for it. Congrats!
  9. Hi pretensions, Thanks so much for your response. Right now, I'm leaning towards NYU~ but I'll keep you posted if I change my mind. Best of luck with your decision as well. Do share with us your final decision! (PS - I'm waitlisted for Columbia, and it's definitely my top top choice. Congrats on your acceptance there -- I'm jealous!)
  10. Lavendercloud, Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, my experience with film is very limited (my background is more creative writing), so I thought a MFA program would help, and I heard that some schools had good networking opportunities. But I think you've made convincing arguments. Either way, I don't think I'd be going into a MFA program in the fall.
  11. Hey SeaLou, Thanks so much for the response~ And no, the JSchools don't cover all my expenses. It's just partial tuition $$
  12. Thanks CFBrown I really appreciate your input! Have you decided between USC and NU yet? Let me know when you do!
  13. Aww, thanks so much! And yes, I've heard a lot about being in debt for MFA programs (exactly the reason why I didn't apply to Creative Writing programs; I thought maybe film/screenwriting would be a bit better in the prospects of landing a job/making money -- but maybe that was just my blind optimism). I'm just afraid that if I don't accept the MFA offer now, I'll never be able to have an acceptance in the future. I know it sounds silly... but yeh >.< I'll take my time to decide and make updates on my fincal choice. Hope your 2015 application cycle went well. Do share
  14. Hey, I've posted this on the playwriting forum, but I'll post/paste it here again. Brief summary: Basically, I've received all my decisions now. So here's my Fall 2015 turnout. I got rejected by all the NY/Cali schools I applied to: (see below for a list of my failures) USC Writing for Screen and TV UCLA Screenwriting NYU Dramatic Writing Columbia Screenwriting Northwestern's Writing for Stage and TV (yay.) BUT, I did manage to get acceptances to UMiami Motion Pictures (Screenwriting) and Florida State University's (screen)Writing MFA program offered through their film school
  15. Omg, CFBrown, thank you so much for the input! Your comment was very encouraging, and it's put me more at ease (the deadlines to decide by were making me a bit frantic) And I'm also relieved by your comments on NYU -- I'm an English major for undergrad, so I'm kind of new to journalism/communications field. Do you, by any chance know how NYU's prestige/reputation in the area compare with USC and Northwestern? Does it matter?
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