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  1. If tradition holds up, think we’ll all start hearing during the two weeks that follow April 15. I’m mentally moving on after the first week of May, but sometimes people get offers from the waitlist as late as the summer. Sounds stressful to me!
  2. And...just finally heard from Lisa S at Iowa, after reaching out to admissions about my status. I’m a finalist/alternate candidate, which I assume is like a short waitlist. I thought for sure that I had been rejected, so I’m very pleasantly surprised. Now Ohio is my last to hear from. Waitlist count is now just about half of my total applications (the rest were rejections) so I feel mildly encouraged, generally speaking, but still antsy and wondering what I could have done differently to have gotten acceptances.
  3. I corresponded with Ohio and was told that interview requests were going out the first week of April. I haven’t gotten one, so I’m assuming I’m not a finalist there. That said, in previous years it looks like people have interviewed as late as mid April...their timeline seems later than most. Ohio and Iowa are the ones I am still waiting on (other than the places I’ve been waitlisted). I’ve still heard nothing from Iowa, though I assume a rejection at this point, given that acceptances went out last month. No rejection email or changes on my portal. Sigh. Closure would be nice.
  4. Ugh right??!! I don’t like thinking about going through it all over again 😭 Fingers crossed for both of us 🤞. This year the timing was finally right for grad school for me. Alas. Not giving up yet, but I’m just finding that throwing myself into a new project and getting excited about it is helping with the waiting. I’m also doing the DG #endofplay thing happening this month...Anyone else? Just trying to hold myself accountable to stick to deadlines and challenge myself to connect more with other playwrights. It’s helping to distract from the pain of the waiting list 😭 (and to reconnect to
  5. In the dark about Northwestern, but I corresponded a little with NYU...they said the earliest we would hear anything would be after April 15 because that’s when they evaluate the cohort based on who has committed and begin to re-evaluate waitlist candidates to fill the class with the right fit(s). The list is unranked, so it’s kind of a luck-of-the-draw situation, based on who decides to attend (screenwriters, playwrights, tv writers, etc) and who they think will fit the cohort. From previous conversations, it sounds like they go to the waiting list every year because some film/tv students pre
  6. Thank you so much @cheesy for keeping us wait-listers in the loop! Juilliard: Didn't apply, but from what I recall hearing from other playwrights I know, rejections are kinda rolling through April-May. I remember hearing that rejections often happen after April 15, but if you're still being considered they email you before then. I guess because they are more like a fellowship, their timeline is different.
  7. And...just to share the answer to my own question...(in case others are following) I just got a reply from Erik R at Ohio U, expressing that they are making decisions about candidates this coming week, and plan to begin reaching out to finalists about interviews the following week.
  8. Anyone familiar with Ohio's timeline? They're one of the last schools I have to hear from. I know their decisions and deadlines are later, generally speaking, but I'm wondering if anyone here has heard yet or been interviewed this year? Just contacted them, but haven't received a reply yet.
  9. Thanks @Agez! And @broccolini and @natalinal, everybody I talk to keeps saying that being on multiple waiting lists means that chances aren’t too shabby for getting in somewhere, so I’m holding onto that hope for now, at least for another month... Definitely will be checking out that podcast! And yes! I’ve noticed that some programs seem to embrace screenwriting/television writing, while others see it as less of an artistic craft. Throughout this process (and this crazy year in general), I’ve really come to realize my strengths as a writer lean toward the cinematic, and I’ve gotten much cl
  10. @natalinal @broccolini same boat here. Glad to not be alone in this weird feeling. Trying to stay hopeful... but it’s hard, not gonna lie. The waiting and uncertainty of this whole year has been the hardest part, and it’s for sure difficult to have it all prolonged. Hang in there!
  11. NYU portals have updated, for those waiting on that one! I've been waitlisted. I'm now on a small handful of waiting lists, checking my email obsessively (even though I swore I wouldn't) and slowly losing my mind, but it's all good Still hoping for some good news before the season is out!
  12. Woot! Congrats @nickelmoop! For those who have gotten acceptances already, did you let you know by phone, or email? I know every school is different...but, just curious. 🙂
  13. Just received an interview request from NYU via email! (for all those following NYU's Dramatic Writing) Looks like last year's requests came out in batches throughout the last week of Feb, so keep an eye out!
  14. Check out the Playwriting MFAs Topic/Thread! Interview requests have begun going out for Northwestern. Interviews typically will precede offers for most programs. Not sure if Northwestern sends interviews requests all at once or in batches. Hope this helps!
  15. I applied to Iowa, but haven’t heard any updates yet. Judging by last year’s timeline, there may be a little more time (looks like interviews/offers began in March in 2020). Hoping that’s the case!
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