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  1. Hi! I am currently at an MFA program in Creative Writing at Roosevelt University in Chicago. I like the program and I like that even though I'm in fiction I can workshop in nonfiction too. I possibly can go to The New School in New York for MFA in Nonfiction, but I wouldn't be able to transfer or work in nonfiction for workshop only literature classes. It's less credits at The New School and I would like to move to New York, but I am nervous about leaving my program. Anyone know about the program at The New School? I've read some not so great reviews, but they were old. I'd love to know more!
  2. Hi! I am looking into a few more mfa programs including some online. Does anyone know of National University mfa program in creative writing? I got in and don’t know yet. I am still waiting on Roosevelt University and 2 programs at Emerson College one online and one on campus. I would love to know if anyone has info on these programs! Is National University a good one? Thanks!!
  3. Hi! So I didn’t get in anywhere for an MFA In Creative Writing. I’m now trying to look into different options. Does anyone know good programs that are either online and still have open admissions or places with rolling admissions?
  4. Ckoh

    MFA Creative Writing

    @MisterMambo1990 nice going!! I heard back from two places and got rejected. I’m waiting on 3 others, but I’m really nervous because it seems other people were accepted over a week ago and I assume that means I’m not...
  5. Hi everyone, So far I got rejected from 2/5 of the schools I applied and I’m starting to freak. It seems that every school I applied to has notified about acceptances. Should I assume I haven’t gotten in to any if I haven’t heard a yes when most heard back over a week ago? Freaking out here and regretting not applying to more schools. Thanks!
  6. Ckoh

    MFA Creative Writing

    @MisterMambo1990 is that a thing to do? Call the schools to hear where you application is standing? I looked on my application progress online and it’s the same as before. @rooguild SAIC sent me a rejection, but I still have a little hope for the other schools.
  7. Hi has anyone heard from these schools? NYU Columbia University Columbia College Chicago? I heard back from SAIC and was rejected. Now I’m getting really nervous.
  8. @columbiamfa91Congrats!! I applied and still haven’t heard back. I’m getting nervous
  9. I’m waiting to hear back about the creative writing program there and I haven’t heard back either. I’m so scared
  10. @Perszona hi! I’m still waiting to hear back too. I know some places have already sent letters.
  11. Ckoh

    MFA Creative Writing

    @rooguild ohh thanks so much! Didn’t know this existed.
  12. Ckoh

    MFA Creative Writing

    @Cazzem Have you heard back from any yet?
  13. Ckoh

    MFA Creative Writing

    @rooguild On the results page? of SAIC? hmm I didnt get a notice of one. uh oh. Thanks!
  14. @REEEEEEE good to know thanks. Feel free to let me know if you do!
  15. Ckoh

    MFA Creative Writing

    I still haven’t heard anything yet so I’m waiting.... I applied to the 5 that I said before. Has anyone heard from them? SAIC NYU columbia college Chicago CalArts columbia university I’m freaking out and not knowing what I’m going to do next year. Congrats to those who got in and us who haven’t heard or didn’t dont give up! We got this!
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