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Columbia GSAS Funding (MFA)


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Hi all, I have a question specific to Columbia GSAS’s funding situation. I was accepted this past week to Columbia’s MFA program for Creative Writing, and did not receive a specific funding offer over the phone. I realized, upon checking my application, that I marked myself as wanting to be considered for financial aid, but I did not follow the necessary steps to do so (filling out the FAFSA and CSS profile before the deadline). The person I spoke with mentioned that I would be receiving an email with my offer, with any kind of funding information, within 2 weeks.

I was wondering if anyone had heard of a case where someone received funding in a similar situation (based on merit alone, despite not filling out the related forms), or if anyone has any other advice for next steps I can take. I know Columbia is notorious among MFA programs for their funding situation, but it really is one of my top choices and would be a near-lock if I could eek out just a bit of help.

Thanks so much! 

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Congrats on getting in to Columbia! So did I, for creative writing. 

I did happen to fill out my FAFSA and do the student profile (which I didn't know about until attending on online Q & A session the night before the app was due), and they offered some aid. However, they also offered a merit-based scholarship. 

I would definitely complete the FAFSA and profile as soon as possible--but you probably already did. Also, if you have any other acceptances, try to leverage them against Columbia to see if you can secure any more funding. 

Congrats again. Maybe I'll see you in the fall!

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