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  1. Thanks for your reply. The thing is, I am an international student. This whole process of applying to American Universities is new to me. When I applied to Columbia, I had no idea that their master's program was course-based (cashcow, like some people call it). I simply went to their website, studied the research they were doing (which seemed interesting) and applied there. I was like ... They are offering MSc in Mechanical Engineering ... and they are IVY LEAGUE ... and the research they are doing is also interesting .... well, what could possibly go wrong? ... Let's apply. All the other universities I applied to (in the US), I took a lot of time to explore their website, study the programs they were offering, the research they were doing ... everything. But, in case of Columbia, I just --- I didn't. I didn't feel the need to "VET" a university of this stature. Anyhow, it's my negligence. Now, I am waiting for admission decisions from other US universities (so far, I've heard from Columbia only). If I am offered admission in any other US university, I will decline Columbia's offer. By the way, the other university I was taking about, it's in Europe. I applied their because they had no application fee. They have given me a scholarship, but to be honest, I don't want to go there. My priority is US, and I hope I will get admission here.
  2. Yes. And by the way, the other universities are pretty much doing nothing in my research area (compared to the ivy league university).
  3. Thanks. By the way, should I wait a for few more days before asking them for more time? I might receive their reply for my financial aid reconsideration request.
  4. Should I tell them directly that I want to see what other universities are offering and therefore need more time?
  5. What should one do? Pay $50,000 tuition at an ivy league university, or pay $0 - $10,000 at some other university (say any US university with QS world ranking below 250)
  6. I have just received an offer from Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering Master of Science program. The thing is, I haven't received any financial aid. I am an international applicant and it will be extremely difficult for me to pay my tuition (about $46,500). The deadline to confirm my offer (by paying $1000) is 12th of March (they gave me only 13-14 days). I have emailed them to request reconsideration of my financial aid award (explaining my situation), but haven't received any reply. What should I do? Should I submit $1000 and hope that they will provide me financial aid (30% atleast)? or, should I request them to give me more days? This way, I might get admission decisions from other universities as well (they might give financial aid). Thank you
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