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  1. I was 21.5 when I applied, right now I am close to 22 (only a few months have passed ahaha) and I have offers from 5/9 universities that I applied to (3/9 are top schools, so I am not disappointed at all). It is perfectly possible to apply for grad school at that age, keeping in mind that I am also an international applicant, but I really don't know how things are for the MA degree (where there are tuition fees), as I only applied for PhD. I realize that it might be tough for most of the parents to support financially their children in private institutions, or even in public ones.
  2. This is why I asked in here, because I also found it a bit strange... Thanks for confirming my thoughts! I see your point. Okay, I will inform her. Thank you very much guys!
  3. She didn't know at first that she will get money, but she accepted, and then her professor told her that she will also receive some money. In any case, this is not the whole point. I mean, her field is developmental biology. This is a very well-known book of developmental biology, which hasn't been translated in her language. So, if I understand correctly, translation of this kind of book will not be considered as research experience? Then well, could it be considered as teaching experience? How would you add it to your CV?
  4. Hello! My girlfriend was asked by her supervisor if she wants to translate a chapter of an english book to her mother tongue. She will give her some money, but her question is: is it considered as research experience? The book is a very well known book related to the field of her bachelor's thesis. Every answer will be appreciated. Thank you very much!
  5. Just found this thread. I am glad that I made it into here hahaha
  6. It is not, I can confirm that, as I have an offer from SUNY and it is the same date.
  7. 3 ways 1) Email 2) Website for change in application status 3) Phone
  8. Yes, be straightforward. If it is very early in general for decisions in mechanical engineering, mention this too.
  9. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. I am there right now and it is so so good. A bit far, but believe me, it will change your life. PS. The stipend is insane...
  10. Request them to give you more days. You are not a robot and it is not a decision that will last for a few months only.
  11. I will just focus on this sentence, because I have also thought about that (although I received 5/9 acceptances, there is one school that I believe has made this mistake) No no no, the school did not make a mistake. All the staff/faculty that checked your application checked it very very carefully, believe me. They do not want, by any means, spend money on someone that will not give them money back, of course not directly. This is why they do it very carefully to be safe. You are good. You are suitable for this school. If you believe it, too, you will succeed.
  12. Can you update us about how it is? Because I am international and I couldn't come.
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