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Attending Columbia University without financial aid



I have just received an offer from Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering Master of Science program. The thing is, I haven't received any financial aid.

I am an international applicant and it will be extremely difficult for me to pay my tuition (about $46,500). The deadline to confirm my offer (by paying $1000) is 12th of March (they gave me only 13-14 days). I have emailed them to request reconsideration of my financial aid award (explaining my situation), but haven't received any reply.

What should I do? Should I submit $1000 and hope that they will provide me financial aid (30% atleast)? or, should I request them to give me more days? This way, I might get admission decisions from other universities as well (they might give financial aid).

Thank you

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4 minutes ago, athan892 said:

Request them to give you more days. You are not a robot and it is not a decision that will last for a few months only.

Should I tell them directly that I want to see what other universities are offering and therefore need more time?

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7 minutes ago, athan892 said:

Yes, be straightforward. If it is very early in general for decisions in mechanical engineering, mention this too.


By the way, should I wait a for few more days before asking them for more time? I might receive their reply for my financial aid reconsideration request.

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