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  1. Current Hollins MFA student here. I love the program, and the campus is gorgeous.
  2. SO, I asked last year about the top 5 CW PhD Programs, but I realized I was overly ambitious. Are there additional good programs out there? I don't need this time "the best" or the top 5 only, "good enough", as Winnicott would say, will do. There is so much info on the internet on MFA programs and so little on PhDs. Thank you so much!
  3. Okay, but did you get your MA from a high ranking school, or just average? Everyone always says all that matter is the writing, but I do wonder if where one gets his/her BA/MA/MFA matters or not, too.
  4. Could you guys please let me know what are the best PhD Creative Writing Programs in the US? Let's say, top 5. I don't want to go just by the Poets & Writers list. Thanks!
  5. UVA. Best school overall of the three, best location as well. And you have no teaching the first year, and you maybe can get a third year paid. No brainer, as I see it :). But of course, it is always so easy to be smart from the distance.
  6. You are a great source of info, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Minnesota Mankato is a relatively new program listed as "25 Most Underrated Programs" and the people I corresponded with all seem extremely nice. They are offering me $10,000K for three years. Hollins, as you have said, offers $7,000 for two years with opportunities to get more the second year, and NC Wilmington offers $16, 000. Based on both money and reputation, I would think NC Wilmington is the winner out of those three, right? Stonecoast has great faculty which I find to be a huge draw, and
  7. Thank you so much for your input. On the surface of things, it seems insane that I should consider paying for a low-res program when I was accepted at three fully funded ones (I was accepted at Minnesota Mankato and Hollins as well - if you have any info on those programs, please let me know!), but I am attracted to the singular focus low-res programs promise to provide on my chosen project (a novel). Does that make sense? Plus, I have to kids I am raising on my own, and the older one really doesn't want to move. Making a decision becomes so difficult when one has to consider so many angles, I
  8. Does anyone know anything about applying to PhD Creative Writing programs with a Low-Res MFA? I've been accepted to NC Wilmington and Stonecoast (University of Southern Maine) and I'm attracted to both for different reasons (if you have insight into either do tell!), but I'm worried about how a Low-Res MFA program would impact my chances of aacceptance at a PhD CW program two/three years from now. Thanks!
  9. So... my ultimate goal is to attend a PhD program in Creative Writing. This year, I applied to various MFA programs because although I have a Master's degree already it is in Clinical Counseling. So far, I've been accepted to 5 programs, my two favorites being North Carolina Wilmington and the Stonecoast Program in Maine. Former is a full residency program that is considered one of the most innovative programs in the country (but otherwise, I believe it is only a mid-tier program), Stonecoast at Southern Maine U is a top ten low residency program. My questions is this: would it hurt my chances
  10. Yes, I was the one who asked about the Hollins program on the Acceptances Forum. I cannot choose between Hollins, Minnesota Mankato, and NC Wilmington. I was accepted at all three with full funding, and Hollins seems to be such a mystery. Great history of course, but what is the reputation of the program now? How is it better/worse/different than other programs? What is the program like? I would appreciate any info on Hollins and/or the other two programs.
  11. I know letters are usually not sent out until March. However, I've heard stories about people who received acceptance letters as early as January/February. Please post your experience - thank you!
  12. I know letters are usually not sent out until March. However, I've heard stories about people who received acceptance letters as early as January/February. Please post your experience - thank you!
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