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  1. Another thing to consider: attending a school outside of your alma mater will allow you to create more professional contacts than if you stay. Ultimately, if the fit isn't right, this isn't a question. You have to go to the program that best fits you.
  2. Hi all, I was initially accepted into five programs, but I've narrowed it down to two: EWU (Spokane, WA) McNeese (Lake Charles, LA) Both have immense location appeal and almost identical funding offers, a strong , supportive, and enthusiastic faculty. I thought I had made a decision to attend McNeese (nothing formal communicated to either program), but the program director from EWU called me this evening (reiterating their excitement about potentially having me in their program, offered me a $500 scholarship to help with moving costs) and has me reconsidering. It's not about the ego boost (which, undeniably, I am experiencing) so much as how much I appreciate his support (and that of the other faculty, with whom I have also been in contact). This is the kind of faculty and program director I want to teach and support me through my education and generally have my back. Here's my question: how much stock do I put into this feeling? As much unsolicited support as they are all currently offering, can I trust that this enthusiasm will continue after a formal acceptance (if I decide to go that route)? Or is it just a tactic to sell their program? To be clear, I don't get that impression. Some important factors: EWU --more enthusiastic faculty --the professor I most admire (out of every single program I applied to) teaches here and specifically mentioned his admiration for my work *swoon* --higher cost of living --location more likely to yield future professional opportunities --I will likely move up here at some point for professional purposes, so my not accepting will not include any kind of future sacrifice in the experience this location would provide. --health insurance --slightly higher fees (about $400/year) McNeese --smaller program size (2 fiction students in my year) that allows one-on-one meetings with most visiting authors --a smaller program size that allows more dedicated time with professors --a location and culture that will enhance my writing significantly; unlikely to ever gain this (location) experience outside of this MFA program --lower cost of living --no access to health insurance or university heath care This turned into a novel. My apologies.
  3. Also, not super helpful, but I would respond soon. If he's going through all the extra effort of securing you funding, the expectations are only going to rise higher the more time and effort he invests in your accepting. I sympathize. I really do. I've basically decided on one school, but the program director at the school I'm planning on turning down has been so kind and vocal about his wanting me in the program (he even offered me an incentive scholarship this afternoon) that I'm seriously second guessing my decision. It's not the ego boost so much as how personable and supportive he's been. That's the kind of program director you want to work with and have your back, you know? It doesn't help that the two schools are basically even as far as the pros and cons of each program. It basically came down to location appeal and how that would affect my future writing. (I'm applying to creative writing MFAs.)
  4. Any word from Guelph yet? I haven't heard a peep.
  5. Have heard from many that it's been a bit slow this year, although this is my first year applying. How did your call go?
  6. Thank you so much! And don't give up! Things might turn around--it's not over until it's over, you know? If you do apply again next year, I wish you luck. Maybe we'll end up in the same program.
  7. A lot of the Canadian MFAs (if not all) are pretty quiet when it comes to talking about funding. You almost have to just go for it and see what they offer if you're accepted. I haven't gotten an official financial offer yet, but it looks like I'll be getting a $16k scholarship and quite possibly an assistantship of some sort. I didn't get the impression that there was any kind of tuition waiver--I'll update here when I find out--but the yearly tuition for international students is less than $6k. The worst case scenario is taking out a small loan, which is a risk we take with a lot of programs anyway, but the program is small enough that most, if not all, accepted students should get some kind of financial award. I also gleaned from the results page that Toronto has at least a few hefty funding packages. Guelph mentions some scholarships on their website too, although they are pretty low. The actual award might turn out to be higher. Again, I'll update you guys if I actually manage to make it in. I wish I could be more helpful. I did most of my research in September/October. If you have any specific questions, let me know, and I'll see what I can dig up. Also, Saskatchewan has an excellent mentorship program. You get to work with professors, like any other program, but you also get paired with an established writer to guide you during your thesis. The program is also relatively new, about 6 or 7 years old, but is already well established and just getting stronger and stronger. And unlike any other program I've applied to, the staff, and the acting program director in particular, has been phenomenally communicative and kind. He's treated me like a peer rather than someone deemed worthy of their program, if you know what I mean. I've been exceptionally impressed by the whole experience.
  8. I have 7 more schools to hear back from (and another acceptance this afternoon!!!), but unless by some miracle I end up getting accepted to Brown, I'm definitely going with Saskatchewan. Even then, Saskatchewan is not out of the question.
  9. Congratulations!!! That's a great program!
  10. I applied to 13 schools. I've heard back from 5 so far: acceptances from UoSaskatchewan and Minnesota State, and rejections from Maryland, Alabama and WashU. The big boys don't seem too fond of my work. I also applied to: Hollins VCU UVA EWU Minnesota University of Guelph McNeese University of New Orleans Good luck, everyone and chins up!
  11. I applied to a lot of the same schools. Any word from Saskatchewan? I got accepted, but they still have 3 fiction spots available (as of Sunday when I spoke to the program director).
  12. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, they aren't allowed to revoke their acceptance unless you reject it or don't answer before 4/15 or don't graduate on time, just like you can't legally back out of an official acceptance once you've given it without the express permission of the program.
  13. Am I correct in interpreting your post that others applying for your same program have gotten interviews while you have not? Can you email or call your program and ask what number you are on the waitlist? Not all programs will do this, but some certainly do, so it's worth a shot!
  14. I'm a U.S. student and applied to UoSaskatchewan and UoGuelph as well as several American schools for an MFA in creative writing. Still waiting on Guelph, but Saskatchewan reached out to me really early about a scholarship and then made an official offer the last week in January. $16,000 and a possible assistantship. I also got into Minnesota State, but the funding isn't as good, and the program doesn't feel as nice of a fit. Still waiting on eight more applications though! Congratulations to everyone that got in!
  15. I won't be quite as international as you all, but I got an offer of acceptance with full funding to the University of Saskatchewan and will almost certainly be accepting. I kind of wish I'd applied to schools abroad, but I'm really thrilled with my program--it honestly feels like it's tailor-made for me. You may very well see me back here if I have questions. Congratulations to everyone who got acceptances!
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