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Creative Writing MFA acceptance advice?


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Hi all,

I was initially accepted into five programs, but I've narrowed it down to two:

EWU (Spokane, WA)

McNeese (Lake Charles, LA)

Both have immense location appeal and almost identical funding offers, a strong , supportive, and enthusiastic faculty.  I thought I had made a decision to attend McNeese (nothing formal communicated to either program), but the program director from EWU called me this evening (reiterating their excitement about potentially having me in their program, offered me a $500 scholarship to help with moving costs) and has me reconsidering.  It's not about the ego boost (which, undeniably, I am experiencing) so much as how much I appreciate his support (and that of the other faculty, with whom I have also been in contact).  This is the kind of faculty and program director I want to teach and support me through my education and generally have my back.

Here's my question: how much stock do I put into this feeling?  As much unsolicited support as they are all currently offering, can I trust that this enthusiasm will continue after a formal acceptance (if I decide to go that route)?  Or is it just a tactic to sell their program?  To be clear, I don't get that impression.

Some important factors:


--more enthusiastic faculty

--the professor I most admire (out of every single program I applied to) teaches here and specifically mentioned his admiration for my work *swoon*

--higher cost of living

--location more likely to yield future professional opportunities

--I will likely move up here at some point for professional purposes, so my not accepting will not include any kind of future sacrifice in the experience this location would provide.

--health insurance

--slightly higher fees (about $400/year)



--smaller program size (2 fiction students in my year) that allows one-on-one meetings with most visiting authors

--a smaller program size that allows more dedicated time with professors

--a location and culture that will enhance my writing significantly; unlikely to ever gain this (location) experience outside of this MFA program

--lower cost of living

--no access to health insurance or university heath care


This turned into a novel.  My apologies.

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Whenever I see such posts, the response is usually to go to the place that gives you more money and time to write. To me, even though you admire McNeese, you seem to be in love with EWU's program and faculty. If you have the money to deal with the expenses, maybe you should go with your gut! Good luck, let us know what you decide! :)

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