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  1. Whenever I see such posts, the response is usually to go to the place that gives you more money and time to write. To me, even though you admire McNeese, you seem to be in love with EWU's program and faculty. If you have the money to deal with the expenses, maybe you should go with your gut! Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  2. Oh, I didn't phrase that right. I'm so sorry! To clarify, based on what I discovered from my discussions with students, is if the plan is to apply for a PhD, programs like the one offered at BGSU would be the best bet. (I should've put "non-terminal" in many, many, many quotes. I meant that as it's better to do a PhD after that MFA. I'm not sure how sensible it would be to get a PhD after ODU's MFA.)
  3. Thank you so, so much for your thoughtful answer, GallifreyGirl. I've been trying to draw up a detailed pros and cons list for the longest time and your answer really helped me get a start on that! 1. The funding is the same, but BGSU needs me to pay other (university) fees, but it's manageable. ODU covers most of my other fees. I won't be going into debt either way. 2. 3 funded years is definitely a dream. 3. I'm an engineer by qualification. I don't have a literature background, so I suppose this makes ODU a good fit for me. 4. BGSU lets me teach creative writing. ODU lets me teach only comp. Both have light teaching loads. 5. As for standard of living, I can live anywhere as long as I have good internet. I mean, it'd be good to have the option to go somewhere, see places, etc., but I don't think I'd mind either. I don't mind the weather as well. I'm from the tropics, so used to super-hot weather, but I've lived in Pittsburgh before and I actually like winters. 6. Faculty. Ah, yes. I'm going to say this is a tie for me. I love both. orz Here are two other things I'm considering: 1. BGSU is an openly "non-terminal" MFA degree. I'm considering taking the PhD route after this, so BGSU would help me there. But ODU says it's terminal, but that doesn't mean the PhD route is closed to me. I'm confused... 2. BGSU seems to have smaller fiction workshops, which I happen to like. 3. I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with BGSU's Mid-American Review. Clearly I love both the courses, but I'm slightly more excited by BGSU (I've also known about their acceptance for longer, I've spoken to their current students, and I've had a lot of time to think about them). Trying really hard to be objective here! ;w;
  4. Hi! I've gotten funded offers from both Bowling Green State University and Old Dominion University. I've drawn up a list of pros and cons, but I'm still not able to choose between the two universities. Can anyone give me some input on the reputation of these two programs? I'm aware that BGSU has one of the oldest programs in the country and is quite reputed. The faculty list is pretty impressive at ODU. Please help me, I'm really confused!
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