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  1. Thank you so much for getting back to me, @Ecce! You make both ND itself and South Bend sound super rad (and I'm glad, haha, because I'm about 98% positive that their program's the best fit for me).
  2. Yeah, I think I might have to take UW out of the running (for that very reason)... Ah, that's awesome; I'd no idea there was a train from South Bend to Chicago. And I'm glad that people have good things to say about (living in) West Lafayette, too! Yes, I have, but they've all said that they wouldn't have changed a thing about their (different) respective decisions, which has just confused me further, haha. (Though I guess I now know I can't really go horribly wrong anywhere?) I'm not too picky about the types of classes, to be honest. I was a TA for an Intro to Comp class as an unde
  3. Purdue's faculty's had me all since February, I'm not gonna lie, haha.
  4. Man, I'd love to hear more about your experience at Notre Dame (if you'd be willing to share, that is)! Is there anything (important) you think they could've done / handled better? Is there anything you wish you'd known before attending?
  5. Thank you so much! Haha, really? I am actually leaning towards ND ever-so-slightly at the moment (-- the one thing holding me back is the lack of certainty re: teaching positions). Purdue's faculty is seriously unreal, though. And, yeah, I've reached out to a couple of students, but they all seem 100% content with their (different) respective decisions, which has just confused me further!
  6. 1. That's a really good point! 2. ... I hadn't even thought of comparing the amounts in that way. I mean, I figured Seattle'd be more expensive than small-town Indiana, of course, but the difference is more significant than I'd imagined. Hmm. Thank you!
  7. Yeah, I love(d?) the feel of UNLV's program, but the "meh" ranking / standing of the university itself has sort of put a damper on my enthusiasm.
  8. I was accepted earlier this month!
  9. (I'm really hoping that this post doesn't come off as braggy or obnoxious -- I know this is the first-worldiest of first world "problems.") Guys, I applied to twenty schools this year -- some of them let me apply for free, I'm not completely insane, ha -- because, to be perfectly honest, I thought my chances of getting in anywhere were pretty shit. (Not only are MFA acceptance rates terrifying -- I actually applied last year and got five straight rejections lmao. (Though, in hindsight, I shouldn't have applied at all; I was a college senior who couldn't give her portfolio the attention/fo
  10. How many schools are y'all waiting on? And have you made any decisions yet?
  11. Here's to getting rejected from Cornell and Wisc-Mad in one day, haha. Good luck to everyone still waiting on results! It's really not over until it's over. And remember that you always, always have next year, if an MFA is something you're dead set on (-- I didn't get in anywhere the first time I applied (2016), but this time (2017)? I've received several fully funded offers)!
  12. Also... if thegradcafe's results from previous years are any indication... this coming week (19th - 23rd Feb.) is the week that most schools notify successful applicants! Which, fuck!!! (Although, as @Jacqui said, this year has felt a little quiet / slow...)
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