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  1. I did! Got into the MPP with a public service fellowship worth 33k per year!
  2. I'm from Mexico, and I was accepted to the MPP with 25k per year. They said a letter will arrive today with all the details. Best of luck to everyone!
  3. intl applicant here, got a call 5 minutes ago and was notified of my acceptance
  4. Hi! I have an anxiety disorder, so I needed to know, for sure, that I had not been selected. I'm attaching the email in case this helps everyone else out!
  5. do you think they will wait until the LAST hour of the day? PLEASE if someone got their email, let us know
  6. me neither, please let us know if you have!
  7. I have sent them emails but I haven't gotten an answer I applied to the MIPP (wlu)
  8. Hi!!!! Do you think this could be the case for several universities? Whatt did she say? Im an intl student waiting on Balsillie
  9. I applied to Balsillie's MIPP and I haven't heard anything back. Does it mean I'm rejecteeed???? I'm realllyyyyyy freaking outtt
  10. Hi! I haven't seen any info on this. Are there any Mexican fellows who are applying to the "posgrado regular" Fulbright Scholarship to study in the U.S.? How's your process going???
  11. Hi! To the people who have been accepted to the MIPP at BSIA/Wilfrid Laurier, how does your LORIS status show? Like, idk if my application is under review or not or if it has changed status, I am very confused and anxious hehehe
  12. Congrats!! Did they send you an email? when did you submit your application?
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