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  1. HKS 2018

    I feel speechless--I got the CPL fellowship I'd been hoping for! I'm so sorry to hear funding didn't come through for everyone. Good luck no matter where you end up! And see some of you at HKS in the fall!
  2. HKS 2018

    100% agree! I can't stop looking at my email haha
  3. HKS 2018

    I hope so! Good luck to you!
  4. HKS 2018

    Got in! So unexpected and so relieved to know. I see that we hear about financial aid tomorrow. Do you think that also includes fellowships? Or did others hear about fellowships in their admissions letter?
  5. HKS 2018

    Jk spoke too soon :/
  6. HKS 2018

    I believe today's the day! But I am thinking it might be towards the end of the work day rather than 11am or 1pm (delay from snow day?). In any case, thank you to everyone here for making this process more bearable and sharing insight! good luck to you all
  7. HKS 2018

    Good point, I hope this is the case! Makes sense too with the accelerated timeline for the fellowship applications and interviews. The interview I had for a CPL fellowship was 11 days ago, which I realize is not that long in the big picture, but it's feeling like forever haha. I've been hoping to get the news all at once, whether it's good or bad!
  8. HKS 2018

    This could be wishful thinking, but what if the deferred students are on a different financial aid timeline? HKS could be releasing info for previously accepted students and 2018 accepted students in completely separate batches, meaning the Friday release date posted above could have no relationship to those of us waiting to hear back about admissions. Obviously I have no idea haha. I just want to believe there's still a chance we could hear sooner than Friday!
  9. HKS 2018

    Today's blog post says: "information about financial aid is not communicated in an admission letter. A separate email will be sent to each admitted applicant from a financial aid counselor. Details concerning the timing of the email will be included in admission letters." I'm confused. As we've discussed before, I thought financial aid info was to be released with decisions this year. Does this mean that is not the case? Or am I reading too much into this?
  10. HKS 2018

    I hate to be pessimistic, but honestly it's going to be a tough commute on Tuesday if these forecasts come true...
  11. HKS 2018

    I live in New England (assuming you do, too!) and ya it's definitely been a lot for us these past few weeks! I wonder if the admissions team is able to work from home. Another program I applied to delayed releasing financial aid decisions by a few days because of all these Nor'easters, so I'm nervous! Fingers crossed for Wednesday or sooner
  12. HKS 2018

    There's a snowstorm heading to Boston on Tuesday -- I hope that doesn't mean decisions are delayed a day!
  13. UC Berkeley Goldman -- Fall 2018

    Giving up for today, I guess :/ fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  14. UC Berkeley Goldman -- Fall 2018

    I don't know anything beyond "early March," like you said, but I am really hoping it will be today!
  15. McCourt 2018

    I logged onto my application and my acceptance letter was posted! I did not receive an email telling me to check. I didn't even see it at first because it was at the very bottom of the page (just a line that said "Decision Status Available" with a link). Might be worth checking to see if yours is posted, too!