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  1. I know Boston University, Georgetown and SAIS do.
  2. Helloo ! Thank you very much for your answer ! And yes I was talking about UCL in London rather than UCLA I should have perhaps clarified! I do not live in london acutally I do my undergrad in the north of england. But even if I was in London the prospect of changing environment does not scare me that much I think I would be happier in NYC in fairness because of the prospect of jobs etc. and just because NYC is my dream since I was 10 or so. But leaving aside the 'emotional'/'romantic' argument, how good would you guys think NYU is in comparison to UCL in terms of jobs, reputation/standin
  3. I would say personally broadening my choice not being stuck to only three or four schools ! Ideally i would suggest somewhere around 5 and 7 but it means that you need to have a lot of time to focus on them, because the more applications you decide to tackle the less deep/insightful they become. And Yes thinking of taking the GRE very early ! at least 40 days before the deadline but it means to start preparing months in advance !
  4. Hello! I got an offer for a MSc in International Public Policy at UCL and an offer from NYU for a MA in IR. I am very torn between the two .. In general terms UCL and NYU are really good universities so it makes the chocie even harder. Basically I am doing an undergrad in the UK, and my dream for about 10 years has been to study in NYC at some point and live there. I am aiming at working for the United Nations but being a practitioner (specialising in International security) rather than a researcher. In that sense, UCL seems to be a better choice. But then I saw in a couple of other t
  5. rejected and close to kill myself :'( comngrats to you all !
  6. LSE Is pretty sick in the UK ! And widely recognised internationally ! The MPA is very renowned. In terms of facilities, the careers service is very good. the style of teaching is very science-focussed as in its not researched based. You should definitely accept the offer ! Also in terms of tuition fees its much cheaper than US universities so that can be an asset. Also to comment on smth that has been said above, LSE is not simply good for Economics!! For Political sciences, IR, global politics, sociology, media and communication as well. !!
  7. Did you ? What did you study? yes I would happily get in touch with you Than you so much ! x
  8. At first I had this big projects of applying to 6 but then I slowly decreased and only applied to four. One (also my TOP choice) that I am 90% sure of not getting into but I still put a lot of effort into it, so I like to have10% of hopes Another two safe but still quite competitive and the programs are extremely appealing. And another also very appealing but I have no idea I'm very mitigated on the prospects ... So now I am waiting on everything, pretty stressful but well try to keep myself busy .. xx
  9. where else have everyone applied? and what are you planning on doing after SIPA (if you get in)? x
  10. yeaa I saw that - ohhh dear we should not think about it too much xx
  11. the info about 1st of march was what was said last year so obviously this year is going to be different - that is what I meant .. thankfully i have my dissertation to write so i have his other stress to 'distract' me from the wait ! good luck everyone and lets try not to think about it - i know easier to say than to do
  12. I really am not sure .. applied for a MIA .. SIPA is my top dream . but I don't have the professional experience, in fact I come straight from my undergrad. But I know if I get in I will totally put everything, so much effort into it to do well ! haa good luck to you all guys !! Where else did you apply?
  13. Hi I second what Soapwater said International Affairs and Public Relations are very different indeed. You might want to check thread under 'social sciences' --> 'communications' I think people will be able to help you ! Good luck x
  14. Hi ! I am sorry I think I took the info from last year !!! And they said around the 1st of March ! Sorry for this confusion ! which program did you apply for everyone?
  15. Hello Anyone has applied to SIPA ? Apparently we will start hearing from them by the end of next week the earliest .. scaryyyy time
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