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  1. Thanks. I don't know how to refashion myself other than look into underground alternative economic arrangements, or maybe look into a PhD at some point. I'm drowining debt and feel like grad school didn't help me if I'm unemployed a year out of it. I can't begin to understand what to do next around refashioning; I likely will be dead within a decade because I'm a statistic waiting to happen: older, disabled women with no retirement or savings because of the economy and job loss because she's a 'bitch', apparently. The American dream was always a fantasy - the question is when will we start
  2. Thanks - It's something to look into. I currently don't have insurance so everything is dependent on getting insurance, and seeing how I can sign up for services at that point once I have work. I have a diagnosis for ADHD but the major diagnosis that would possibly trigger in for any kind of VR - autism - is a harder process. I have to get the diagnosis for autism first, and that's rarely covered. It's quite the Catch22. Juggling a job hunt/unemployment and trying to get a diagnosis is a real challenge. I feel like I could manage the structure of grad school, but doing all of this on my o
  3. That's on my list of things to do; that's the thing that nobody talks about when you're unemployed, that you're so terrified of poverty you let everything slide as you're busy emailing and meeting and applying. I need to see multiple doctors but have no insurance; am also looking into back up plans (skills bootcamps, possibly relocating to a cheaper part of the country) if financial ruin is on the road ahead. Today's soul crushing moment: Finds job, applies to job, recruiter calls back half hour later, finds out that not a real job because they don't have funding, finds same job ad on co
  4. I will probably end up being in a consulting role but my last role with an external client just knocked the wind out of me. I really want to move to more of an 'in-house' role but those are hard to get into from my experience. That's funny - you do actually capture a lot of work I've done. I aim to be informative, memorable and help with productive conversations around hard to address issues (my thesis was on stigma on a sensitive issue) but I see now how the market for people like me is just increasingly narrow. If you reach a certain age and don't have certain leadership experiences,
  5. I signed up for the one that pays off a lot every month, with the hopes I can find something sooner rather than later - I hope to find a job in the government or non-profit to get into the 10 years of forgiveness, but with non-profits the rates of pay are rarely up to for profit, and I've given up trying to get into local government. I've applied, but can't seem to get in - it's who you know. I'm going to look into if I can renegotiate how much to pay. I'm terrified of looking at my bank account, to be honest.
  6. Dream job: 1.,2, 3, 4: designer Am I qualified? Yup, lots of experience and now a Masters. Can I find work? Not to save my life. Nobody told me that when I graduated in my 40s with a degree that this was a massive mistake. I deeply regret the choices I've now made.
  7. MFA degree in design so somewhat fluffy, as it turns out. In answer to your questions: Where are you employed? Not employed - I was laid off (graduated less than a year ago) and suspect grad school has only marginally made a difference in employability. How much are you earning? I got a bit of a bump in salary and could get more seniority in job titles in my field, but I don't know if the 2 years was worth it - certainly not if you're an older student. I had experience before I went so that may have been responsible for a better title. Do you have any regrets?
  8. Favoritism is rampant, and nothing would surprise me.
  9. I didn't. I barely coped. I'm considering a PhD but I don't know if I can handle the stres. I also feel like life outside of academia is too difficult for me to cope with, so I'm in a catch 22. Something has to change, though.
  10. Do people have advice on how to gear the content of a poster when the audience is an industry conference? I'm taking part in a student competition that showcases my MFA thesis, and it will be a design association. A lot of the poster presentations research I'm seeing is geared towards presenting at an academic conference - would people say there is any different criteria to think about? The judges have provided us with criteria of what they're looking for, but I would LOVE anyone's experiences and tips here. Please send me a direct message in the next week or so if you get a chance. Th
  11. I understand how you feel with a lot of this, like the program not having the benefits and general buyer's remorse. I'm very disappointed in this my second and final year - it will be over in less than a month and it's clear now something is wrong with the program. Know that you're not alone
  12. Cannot wait to escape the kindergartners in my program. Not only do I have buyer's remorse about the program, almost everyone in my program is annoying the hell out of me. There's about 3 people I can deal with, but the rest of them are (and I hate this term, but it fits so well) such special snowflakes, and I am going to celebrate never having to see anyone of them again. I like the faculty, like the work we've done, but these students embarrass me. Too much groupwork with people I would never have chosen to spend time with otherwise.
  13. I feel like I'm reading about my program - so know that you're not alone. I've gotten little direction and am completely lost, to be honest. Many in my cohort feel the same way, and quite honestly, I'm not sure what can be done other than course reviews. My problem is that this advisor is also the 'manager' of our program, so it will largely fall on deaf ears. No advice other than 'hang in there'.
  14. Oh my lord - yes, relate to this thread. There's another older students thread, but would love to talk with others. I'm 1.5 years into my master's and there's light at the end of the tunnel, but I would say almost 90% of my stress is working with younger students. Definitely will be watching this with interest - maybe people will contribute again after the term ends
  15. Quo Vadis 5 day at a glance with the hours in each day plus Google Calendar are both life savers. Now if only they helped each other out
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