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  1. Four semesters down, 6-8 to go.

  2. I'm feeling good! It's good to hear from you guys. I'm teaching two classes this year with two different preps, which is a major time-suck, but I get to teach literature for the first time, which is exciting. I scored a peer-reviewed article pub in the offseason and I have another under review. Turning in a book review today. Trying to stay as busy as I can on the publishing front. I'm tired, but in a really good way. My lingering doubts only come when my bank account is empty.
  3. I think Children's lit is doing pretty well these days. I know someone who just nabbed a tenure-track job in it.
  4. Two semesters down, 8-10 to go.

  5. 1) Congrats! 2) Sorry to say the exploitation doesn't end when you're a grad-fellow; you just feel slightly more valued by the university.
  6. CUNY Graduate Center I think has Matthew Gold. I also think their DH program goes between English and Urban Ed, for the most part.
  7. WOO! Congrats! Really glad you wound up at such an awesome program.
  8. Yes, if it comes through, you have to take Maryland's offer. There isn't any doubt.
  9. I think it's a difficult decision; they're both wonderful programs. All things being equal, choose the place with the faculty you most want to work with.
  10. Exactly. Can we start a petition to ban Harold Bloom and his multiple gradcafe accounts?
  11. I think my favorite of all time was "New York's hottest new club is '...KEVIN?...' located in an abandoned warehouse on..."
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