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  1. Sure hope so! Thanks again for all your insight -- good luck this fall!! You will kick ass.
  2. Rejected from Brandeis' waitlist -- that's it for 2013, folks. See you this fall. Congrats again to everyone who made it this year -- you'll do great! 2014ers, you'll be hearing from me soon!
  3. Hi, folks -- just checking in to let you know I'm still on the waitlist at Brandeis. Does anyone know anything about their processes? I'm not sure I have a great chance at the moment as, according to their admin, they've already sent out the first round of waitlist acceptances. Woof. Well, she didn't reject me haha so I guess I am still in the running. Anyone planning to turn them down? Please?
  4. Hey, thanks! It's SO late in the game that I really don't have much hope, but I would be THRILLED if things panned out. Here's hoping it at least does for one of us! Good luck!
  5. So, uhhh -- hey, everyone. I just found out today that I was wait-listed at Brandeis. If some one of you is planning to turn them down, please do so as soon as possible... please Congrats, all, on your wonderful acceptances/decisions!
  6. Thanks, guys -- 6 more haven't officially rejected me. Unfortunately, a few of those (UMass, Penn St, Brandeis, Irvine) have already started notifying, and I've gotten nothing. Disappointing, I tell you. Tough to look ahead but it sort of helps with the dejection. Woof. Thanks for the support, though -- I really do appreciate it.
  7. Out at Michigan State. Looking bleak, folks. Already planning next year's materials. HATE that I cannot just walk away from this.
  8. Hey, all -- just wondering: should one assume rejection if s/he hasn't yet received any word from Amherst?
  9. KeelyMK said hers was a call for a special fellowship nomination, so I'm guessing this second one is probably something similar. Well, hoping. Otherwise, I'm running out of options, too.
  10. Hey there. Sorry to hear about NW. I had a similar pep talk with myself after Wisconsin rejected me. Not totally over it, though. Struggling to find that positive feeling without hearing a peep from UMass and CUNY. REALLY hoping for a waitlist from one of them. I keep telling myself that it only takes one acceptance, but I am having trouble thinking even one will accept me if 9 other (and very similar) programs won't. Really scary times, friends
  11. Congrats! I am really hoping to hear some good news from CUNY as it's easily my #1 choice. Do you feel comfortable sharing what your field is? In any case, congratulations again -- amazing program!
  12. Me too! Really hoping they open the floodgates this week -- today was such a tease! I especially hope they make it rain on me and the other GradCafe Grad Center hopefuls. GC-squareds. Yup. That's where I am right now. Yeuuuuup.
  13. Just started Teju Cole's Open City. Any opinions to offer, folks? I've not read too much about it. I liked Cole's "small fates" on the Twitter, etc, so I decided to give this novel a shot.
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