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  1. Yup, that's the one I meant. Paul Fry is excellent; clear without being simplistic.
  2. The best overview materials I ever found were the Literary Theory Yale Lecture Series, which I downloaded on my iPad.
  3. I know that Brown recently [i believe last year] created a joint MFA/Phd in Creative Writing and Scholarship.
  4. I agree that this adjuct unknown from no where should not be allowed to assume the mantle of authority regarding what's wrong with education. In many respects, he demonstrates that he is what's wrong with education. However, even if his own criticism is useless, I do believe it is important to be critical and to stay critical, even if things work out in your own academic career. I recently went to a creative writing seminar at a great local organization. Very affordable, not affiliated with a University at all, loads of fun, nice folks. There was one person in the seminar who was a tenu
  5. I was looking up a particularly terrible professor I've had in the past on ratemyprofessor.com wondering what others have made of him and I got a message saying "removed from the system." Is this how ratemyprofessor.com typically works? So if you find a professor who has been removed from ratemyprofessor at other schools, should you be warry that they will be a waste of your time and huge amounts of hard earned money?
  6. I am in the same boat. Personally, I think retaking the GREs is a huge waste of time if they were anything over 70%ile. I think it's all about writing sample and statement. I agree it is hard to rewrite or retool a sample without university resources. I'll admit, I'm hoarding PDFs of good journals on anything remotely related to my 3-4 papers that could be reworked. I'm planning to attend conferences during the down time, to talk out my favorite papers, see if I can get perspective. If a rewrite comes about naturally that way, I'll follow it through, but I'm not going back to the dee
  7. Got mine today...actually, in the middle of the night through the automated services.
  8. Great tip, thanks! I'll check out those interdisciplinary journals.
  9. I'm interested in 19th century American. Is that the field with more competition or less?
  10. Ok, I know most of the talk on here is acceptance/decision related at this point, but I thought I'd start a thread where those of you who have had success could offer some tips for those of us who didn't. Everyone seems to agree that the writing sample is key, and refining an interest that is a current hot topic seems to be the recipe for success, even if still a fairly vague recipe. Since my area of interest is American Literature, I'm curious to know if there are good journals in this subfield I can puruse other than the obvious [American Literature, American Literary Realism, American L
  11. I thought about it myself when I was taking on the MA, but they don't allow part time / 2 year MAs. I did visit a class for the consortium and I'm sorry I didn't attend. Their students are very engaged and impressed me as very professional.
  12. Oh, seriously! I had the exact same thought. For the posters asking where the updates are, click on the "message" field to the left of your screen. Mine still shows no update, but that's where I expect to find my rejection some day.
  13. Well, I have no rejection yet, and I'm the first to admit the sample I sent to Columbia was in fact terrible. It was horribly rushed and just a mess over all, so I have no hope for this place. Basically, I wanted to demonstrate my admiration for their school by donating 125 dollars. ...and I already have an MA, so I know that's not the hold up.
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