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  1. Please consider reaching out to Michael Tomlan at Cornell. He is teaching a class on this subject next semester.
  2. This is exactly what's going on with me right now, too. My SO tends to be the planner/worrier, and I'm the "happy-go-lucky we'll figure it out as it comes along" type in these situations. We ground each other in that respect, I think. I'm also going to school after working full-time for two years... it seems viewing grad school as MY full time job will help me a little, but not having a real income will definitely make me a little self conscious. It is SO awesome to see other people making the same transition!
  3. Another Jersey resident interested in HP?! Hiya! Good for you for starting your search this early. It's kind of fun when you don't have to worry about application due dates being right around the corner!
  4. I can vouch for ladygirltomboy's input on Pratt's program. One of the program directors I've spoken to was VERY hesitant to recommend Pratt, as the program is in limbo at the moment. He said something similar about Clemson (although I had already applied when he mentioned this... there's $75.00 I'll never get back.) If I remember correctly, the University of Minnesota and the University of Texas (Austin) have HP programs (or focuses within the program) that required one to have an MArch before applying. Worth considering, perhaps. I've heard great things about both. UPenn offers an MS in H
  5. I really, really appreciate your insight! A lot of what you're saying seems to line up with what I've heard. I spoke with a professor at a school who told me Pratt's program is in limbo at the moment as well. I ruled out Clemson a while ago so it's comforting that your friend's experiences back up my reasoning. Because I'm pretty sure I'd like to go the planning route, I'm stuck between Cornell and Penn's programs at the moment. Tricky decision. I am a little concerned that Philly's program could be "Philly-centric" (in the way that Columbia's sounds like a study of NYC), but I've read abo
  6. Hi there ladygirl... Could you give any insight into the HP programs that your colleagues are in? Which programs they are unhappy with? I'm a little concerned!
  7. Ditto to the post above... I love 30 Rock, Parks and Rec and House of Cards is AMAZING. Good to see another PLL addict, too I enjoy Archer (I don't usually go for those adult cartoon shows but this one actually has me laughing out loud sometimes) and started a show called The Returned (Les Revenants) last night. It's more of a thriller... SUPER creepy. I had to stop watching it last night and put on something funny just so I could fall asleep. It's incredible though. French with subtitles, if you're OK with that. And it that's totally not your style... maybe Arrested Development?
  8. eafreder

    Philadelphia, PA

    Yay! I don't find out my stipend for another 2 days! The wait is killlinngggg me. I'm setting my sights on parts of University City, Rittenhouse, Center City and Grad Hospital. A friend suggested Fairmount as well but we'll see.
  9. eafreder

    Philadelphia, PA

    I noticed it's quiet around here too. I THINK I'm headed to Penn! Apartment searching has been fun but also slightly overwhelming...
  10. I was surprised that the worst part of the entire process, for me, was just waiting. Between hitting "submit" on all my applications and hearing back from my programs, I was an absolute mess. Also surprised just how fluid of a process it is. I was accepted to my dream program and then accepted to a similar program that was just on the edge of my radar. My dream program gave me little to no funding, but that second program offered me a research assistantship. Despite always thinking that I'd attend my dream program NO MATTER WHAT!!! I just couldn't swing it. It wouldn't make sense. I'm stil
  11. Thank you! Well, I applied to two others but these two acceptances have really ended my search (which I am extremely grateful for). I never expected to hear back so early, ESPECIALLY from Penn! Congratulations on your acceptance! I was wondering who the other admit was in the results search! Thanks for the input, I will absolutely see you at the open house Just noticed you're in GA, so that'll be a really exciting visit for you especially! I'm so impatient myself I doubt I'll be able to relax until then. I think I'll shoot you a private message, it would be nice to have someone to discuss
  12. rlmcman, I think taking a general chem course is a great idea and can only help. I don't plan to focus on conservation, so I'm not sure how much more than that you would need. Why not email some of the professors you're interested in and ask them what they think? (Sorry for just seeing this now, it's been a hectic week!) On another note, I seem to be in a position I'd never, ever anticipated... I've been offered acceptances from both Cornell and Penn and I am COMPLETELY stuck on where to go. I've written out pros and cons lists and everything. Every time I think I've made up my mind, I cha
  13. Yay! I was worried I was alone... Cornell, Penn, Clemson and Maryland. And yourself? I keep checking the results survey even though it seems these programs don't usually send responses until the end of February at the EARLIEST. Ahh!
  14. Anybody else applying to HP programs for Fall 2014? Anybody else wanna freak out with me?!?
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