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  1. Pricey, but I'm in love with the satchel I bought from them two years ago. Good quality, and this is a backpack while still looking pretty damn classy for client sessions. https://www.cambridgesatchel.com/us/buy/the-backpack/
  2. Pizza. I will eat an entire 14" pizza in one sitting. I'm 5'2" and 105lbs for reference. No one believes me that I can do it until I inhale one before their shocked and horrified eyes.
  3. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    Glad to hear that about Vernon and the grad senate! Grad prom sounds... weird haha. Might give it a shot! And I did my undergrad out in Colorado, but originally I'm from Illinois. I guess I'm going to eventually end up living in every part of the U.S., haha. Luckily I'll be moving my crap from Illinois (sort of closer?) and selling my furnitiure out in CO so we don't have to get a truck. IKEA here I come Thanks, all!
  4. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    Do grad students from different departments ever meet up? Are there group events? (for what little free time there is, haha) If anyone has any info on Manchester or Vernon, I'm looking at apartments there (mostly). I hear there are some bad parts of Manchester? I'm emailing the current grad students in my program for more info, but it doesn't hurt to ask everyone! I'm trying to think of other questions... I'm sure more will pop up. Again, I appreciate the responses from everyone!
  5. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    Thanks, starsandsound! I'm a sucker for the woods, so the surrounding area partially sold me on UConn. And a brewery recommendation? Perfect! Thanks for the info
  6. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    Yeah, I heard about the grad housing shutting down. Interesting... Hopefully it won't add too much competition. I'll try to move out sooner! What's the parking situtation like? Most of the grad students I talked to said they paid around $400 bucks for a year long pass to the garage. Yikes! Also, what's the university like in general? I got to take a tour, but you only see/hear so much on a late Friday afternoon. What are some things you wish you knew before moving out there? Thanks
  7. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    I'm going for I/O Psych Thank you so, so much for all of the info! I do have a car, but I totally agree with you about using the bus occasionally. While I'm looking at Vernon and Manchester right now, it's good to hear some nice things about Willimantic! Lots of places to consider Still waiting for my official transcript to get to UConn, so I should have my student login stuff for the Off Campus Housing site soon once admissions is finalized. Sorry to bombard you with questions! I really appreciate the help. From what you've heard or experienced, do places tend to fill up really
  8. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    You are awesome I did decide on UConn! I got to visit recently, so I sort of got an idea of the area... but not really. The biggest thing is finding an apartment online. I've asked grad students about typical areas they live in, but the more info the better! I've heard Willington isn't bad and it's not too far of a commute. I'd like to try and stay under 20 minutes of driving to campus, but my priorities are lower rent and pets allowed (would like to get a dog or cat) so I know I have to be flexible with location Thanks!
  9. Congrats to you as well Anyone else accept somewhere recently?
  10. I just accepted my offer to UConn! I'll be letting go of my SLU offer this week asap. None of this really feels real yet... Some serious imposter syndrome starting up.
  11. Where do the social sciences fall in your opinion? (genuinely curious)
  12. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    I really appreciate the answer. I tend to prefer suburbs or rural versus cities, so maybe it'll be a selling point for me Thanks!
  13. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    In a good way or bad way (if you don't mind my asking)? I'm probably going to visit in the next two weeks so I'll see for myself, but I like to hear other's thoughts too.
  14. leSpyFox

    Storrs, CT

    Bumping this up. Anyone living there now or been there recently? I'm in the process of deciding on schools, and UConn looks really nice.
  15. Hey everyone! So I'm struggling between two choices... Saint Louis University and UConn. I wanted to reach out and see what other I/O people have heard about these two programs before I say anything to influence opinions
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