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  1. Just want to check if my understanding correctly. If the GRE works as an equalizer for international students, it most likely would mean that bring up my Subject score does help, considering that a higher score may provide some assurance to the adcomm that the education I received is not necessarily less sufficient than that of domestic students?
  2. Th Thank you. This put me in perspective. My research interests are Victorian and childhood studies. Last year, I applied to NYU, Chicago, Princeton, Yale, Penn State, U Conn, U of Southern California, and Washington U in St. Louis. Now come to think of it, I have no idea why I thought I would have a chance with the first few, but ranking actually wasn't the reason why I chose them. These are programs that provided funding, even to international students, so. . . Applying broadly in terms of rankings certainly sounds right, but funding is still my largest concern.
  3. Just wanted to add that I also have emailed the DGS, but not replies at all.
  4. Oh my goodness, thank you for your reply. I finally understood the contradiction. Why so many have argued that it didn't weigh as much as other things while one DG said it did matter to some extent. However, I actually do have a near perfect TOEFL score and I scored above 160 in Verbal, so. . .gosh. . just what did I have to do? They aren't good enough? How can the English department, which should be pro-equality, be so biased against international students?
  5. Yes, English isn't my native tongue. I asked my MA advisor and he said some programs might understand my extremely low score knowing that I'm an international student, so before I was rejected by all programs, I was actually hoping that it really wouldn't matter at all, though it was required by more than half of the programs I applied to. But after knowing that I was accepted nowhere, I emailed one DG to ask what my weakest spots might be. She said the scores would disqualify me in the eye of some committees. This is why this time I want to take it more seriously. I am actually very surp
  6. Hi, all successful applicants and aspiring ones like me. I'll have to take GRE, GRE Subject in English Literature, and TOEFL before this December. Can you share how you had or would arrange your study time? TOEFL would be the easiest, and I don't think I need more than a week. But the first two are a handful. For example, spend April and May on GRE General and the rest till October on GRE Subject? Does this sound like a good plan? Any replies would be appreciated.
  7. I am very tempted to believe that the GRE Subject Test doesn't count at all because I scored less than 10th percentile and is not accepted anywhere. I think it's one of my weakest spots, so I'll still prepare for it.
  8. Hi, I am an unsuccessful 2014 applicant and would like to re-apply, hence taking GRE in English Literature again. I think my abysmal is one of the reasons why I was turned down. I really want to do something to boost my scores. Any advice on the following questions would be greatly appreciated. I am considering which Norton Anthologies to buy. Now out in the market there is a one-volume condensed Major Authors edition. Would this edition suit my test preparation purpose better or still the regular typical six-volumed one. Also, if the six-volumed one is better, I in fact have it somewhere
  9. Hi. I've tried to contact a few programs and U of Washington is one of those few that do reply to my question, so I am thinking maybe I should apply to it, considering the chances of acceptance may be higher. My concern is I read somewhere that the school is located in the middle of nowhere. As a foreigner, no state address really isn't helping. Also, how would you describe the department? Is it strong in Victorian studies?
  10. I've done my program research and came up with this list. I chose these because of funding and potential fit professors. NYU U Chicago​ Penn State U North Carolina Chapel Hill U Conn Yale Princeton UCB Any thought on the list? Also, U of Pittsburgh and U of Florida are good, but they don't offer guaranteed funding. I feel having to compete for funding would put me under too much stress to enjoy school life, so. . . Right choice?
  11. Greetings. I am 6 years away from academia but am applying for 2014. My major research interest is children's literature, overlapped with Victorian studies. Considering my research interest, could you tell me whether Penn State would be a good place to go for me, considering my research interest? The only professor that seems likely to be interested in children's literature is Prof. Robert Lougy. I emailed him once, but he didn't reply. I am not sure if I should pursue correspondence with him. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.
  12. Hi, everyone. I have a background in Victorian fiction, and what I hope to do for my phD is Children's Literature. However, after surveying programs, I found that not many professors listed this as their interested area. Is Children's Literature looked upon as a simpler subject matter? My largest problem now is that I can only find 3 fit programs. Are there aspiring applicants who are also interested in this field? What's your strategy?
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