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  1. Hi all, Have there been any more acceptances to UMD? I saw that some have already heard back, and I have been obsessively checking my email since midnight. Anyone get anything back from NYU, Rutgers, UPenn, or Virginia?
  2. Kurayamino, Thanks for your reply! I'm in Queens, so I wouldn't tremendously mind the commute. I worry about what's constitutes as a good enough reason for not establishing residency. How did you get by that? (If you don't mind me asking)
  3. Hi all, I submitted all my applications a few weeks ago, and now I am playing the waiting game. Although I am confident in my knowledge of the application process, I would really love some feedback from actual cohort members at UPenn or Rutgers. Currently, I live in NYC, and, upon admission (hope hope), I will be commuting to campus. Does anyone else do this? Anyone particularly interested in 20th century American or Latin@ literature/ affect theory? Any advice or comments are appreciated. I'd love to fillabout two months with conversation to avoid waiting and freaking out (
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