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  1. anyone else have a midterm due tomorrow? that's only 70% done?
  2. I have a written midterm due 9:30AM tomorrow that I'm still working on and only 75% done with. Now I'm just going to be distracted by the decision. FML.
  3. It's my spring break, too. I have a lot of things to do. A midterm exam that's due Friday, papers I need to grade, lectures I need to have completed by Monday, an exam I need to construct for my students. Having a hard time focusing with this looming over my head. My exam has a research proposal component; maybe I'll just propose a project where I find out what's happening to me.
  4. I read my essay recently, and I found a typo in my proposed research one. I really just want to know soon!!
  5. I applied last year, but didn't make it to the 3rd reviewer. I applied again this year and am hoping I make it. Last year I was so anxious for the results, but this year I was more casual, busy, and I totally forgot for a little while that this was coming up. I'm a 2nd year student, so this is my last chance. Good luck to all. Just trying to send some positive vibes into the universe.
  6. No award or HM for me. This really sucks; I was always dreaming of what it would be like to get the fellowship. I'm disappointed but am slowly realizing that life is still the same, which is completely OK. I'm in my first year of a great PhD program, and I'm definitely applying again next year
  7. I remember seeing a powerpoint where it said the # of awards given out in each subject area was proportional to the # of applications they got. So if 20% of the total # of applications were in engineering, 20% of the total # of awards would be in engineering. I can't find the source, so take this with a grain of salt. It makes sense given the NSF's repuation for equality; this process ensures no subject area is under/overrepresented.
  8. ^^ Here's hoping it's just a week!
  9. The graph looks curvilinear more than anything. I don't think a general linear regression is quite appropriate :-/
  10. Here are some extra data points! 2008 - March 31 2007 - March 26 2006 - March 30 2005 - April 9
  11. I'm in my first year of grad school right now and didn't even THINK about applying to any fellowships last year. I wish I had. Fingers crossed we get it!
  12. ^ Yeah, I'm dreading that experience. It seems that that website and this one go down in flames. I'll bring some gasoline
  13. No, but my lab mate was accepted and will be attending the program next fall. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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