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  1. Don’t be sorry, I definitely appreciate you filling me in on this clearly important information 😩 Only decided on U of T a month or so ago and definitely just thought it was super cool and convenient that you could apply to three programs in one application! But I know to bring it back down to one now , thank you! And to @Mickey26 If anyone has further application wisdom to share I am aaall ears btw ehe
  2. Really, can you direct m to where they say that? I’m admittedly a last second applicant to east coast schools but all I saw was that OISE conveniently allows up to 3 program choice in one application but nothing about discouraging doing that! If that’d the caee though I’ll definitely have to reconsider :0
  3. Hey! That's tough, since having a breadth of psychology courses under your belt is definitely important, and so is research experience that you can usually get through psychology labs at schools. However, I am doing a couple psychology courses online through Athabasca University to fill my last prereqs and boost my application right now, and I can't remember if there are any restrictions to take courses but I don't think so. I would recommend checking them out to at least get started on some psychology courses! It's a very flexible, self-directed learning option so it would work well for someo
  4. I am! Decided on applying to OISE for Clinical & counselling, counselling & psychotherapy, and school & child psych. How are you apps going?
  5. Yeahh, sadly the closest equivalent to Ed-D 417 that I took at the U of A doesn’t meet the criteria of 70% skills assessment either, and I didn’t take the ED-D 414 equivalent during my degree! So I decided to just skip uVic rather than try and take three prereqs that only that school needs. Decided to expand into Ontario though, U of T for clinical and counselling, counselling, and maybe school and clinical child, maybe Guelph for couple and family therapy. I have no idea where I would even have a good shot though so we shall see! 😬 Thanks for checking for me though! Are you applying
  6. Hey! Just made an account too so that this thread can hopefully become a bit more active! I’m from Alberta so I’m mainly looking at UofA, UofC, ULethbridge. In BC I am thinking about SFU, as well as maybe looking at Ontario for some of their Clinical and Counselling programs. UVic would be lovely but sadly I don’t have the specific course prerequisites for counselling and group processes.
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