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  1. I have a question about taking notes during interviews. I really like to write down the key points of what professors are saying, especially when they're talking about their projects, or directions they're planning on taking in their research. How appropriate is it to take notes during your interview, especially when the professor is answering questions you've asked? I had a video interview last week and asked if I could take notes, and she didn't have a problem with it, and I didn't write a ton, just key points. I'm wondering what other people have done, and what the general thoughts are about this.
  2. Does anyone have thoughts on the pros/cons of staying with a graduate student during your interview? I think it would be great to get more in-depth info on the program, but I can see how there might be downsides as well, like not being able to have time to decompress after travel. I requested to be housed with a grad student for an upcoming interview, but now I'm wondering if my little introvert self might be more comfortable staying at a hotel. Thoughts?
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