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  1. How long after receiving an informal offer does it usually take to receive an official email from the program? I heard from the POI on Wednesday and I'm freaking out here because I haven't received any emails making it official yet...
  2. Hi everyone, I just received a postcard by mail with an invitation for an Open House at Concordia University on Feb 15. It includes a weblink for registration. It doesn't look like an interview invitation, but I am confused. Has anyone else received that?
  3. Any advice about purses/portfolio? What size is appropriate? And what is important to carry in your purse? I'm thinking headache/allergy pills, cellphone (on mute), my wallet, maybe a small umbrella (depending on the forecast), and pens. Should I also have copies of my resume and blank paper for notes? Is a plastic portfolio fine, or should I get a fancier one (i.e. leather)? I'm so nervous!
  4. Thank you for your reply. It's good to know that I shouldn't include that in my CV!
  5. (International applicant here) I had a poster presentation accepted and got some funding to present it this summer in Canada. There's another conference right before it (ICAP) for which I haven't submitted anything because I wasn't really aware that the dates were so close. Is it worth spending my own money to attend this other conference? I know it could help me in terms of networking with other students from universities I'm interested in applying to... but will the inclusion in my CV of just the attendance (or possibly some volunteering work for the conference committee if they accept me) positively impact my application? An advantage of traveling to Montreal for ICAP would be the possibility to visit two universities there, but I'm not sure if it's worth the money (the bus tickets and conference fee are worth one month of my stipend). I'd really like to go if I weren't on a tight budget, but I feel it's only wise to do so if it will have an impact on my application. I plan to apply to Ph.D. programs in Canada and in the United States. I'm a Master's student in my country and I've never attended any conference before. I don't have any publications yet (but I'll have submitted at least one paper for review by the end of the year). Thank you!
  6. Thank you! It was really helpful to learn that it's actually ok to write them.
  7. I haven't asked for feedback. Not sure if I should or not since I wasn't even invited for interviews at most schools. I was happy with what I learned about St. John's program. I decided to not apply again because of the funding. Thank you for the suggestion about counseling programs. It's the second time I hear this and I'll definitely keep it in mind!
  8. I'm an international applicant preparing for the second year applying. I have a licensure degree/professional title in Psychology (in my country, we study for 5 years as full-time students. There are no minors and majors. When we graduate, we can apply for licensure) and I'll get an M.S. degree in Social, Work, and Organizational Psychology in February/2019. Undergraduate GPA = 3.17, Graduate GPA = 4.0 GRE Scores: 1st time: 157 Verbal, 151 Quant, 4.5 Writing 2nd time: 163 Verbal, 155 Quant, 4.0 Writing [I'll retake it and work on improving my quant scores] 6 years of clinical experience as a licensed psychologist in my country (private practice) 1,5 years of research experience working in a lab at my university + 6 months during undergraduate school (back in 2010) 1 year as T.A. in a training program in the U.S., 6 months T.A. here in my university, language teacher since 2006 No publications [I plan to submit one or two manuscripts by August this year. I don't think they'll be published by December though] No presentations at conferences [I had my abstract accepted at three international conferences last year, but couldn't find any funding. I'm going to Canada in July for a poster presentation.] I've never attended a well-known scientific conference as a delegate either [Not sure if it's worth spending my own resources on that. There's no funding from my university.] Strong recommendation letters (one from my Master's advisor in my country, one from the coordinator of a certificate program that I attended in my country, and one from a professor that I assisted in a training program in the U.S.). I applied to six programs: Fordham University - Clinical Psychology Ph.D. - rejected without an interview NYU Steinhardt - Counseling Psychology Ph.D. - rejected without an interview Columbia, Teachers College - Counseling Psychology Ph.D. - rejected without an interview George Washington University - Clinical Psychology Ph.D. - rejected without an interview St. John's University - Clinical Psychology Ph.D. - interviewed and waitlisted, but never made it off the waitlist New School for Social Research - General Psychology M.A. - accepted, but without advanced standing and I wasn't happy with the scholarship offered, declined the offer I know that I shouldn't have focused on the East Coast only, but that's where most of my research match is. I also have some restrictions because my husband will be going with me and we need to find a city with job opportunities in his area as well. Fall/2019 - I intend to apply to some universities in Canada (McGill, Concordia, and UBC). I'd like to apply to Fordham and NYU again but I don't know if that's a wise decision, since they already rejected me once. Advice on that would be appreciated. Also, I'm not sure if I should wait until Fall/2020 instead (so I can have more publications and my M.S. degree completed). Do you guys know of any fully-funded programs with strong research in Intercultural/Cross-Cultural Psychology? Thank you!
  9. I'm on the waitlist and I haven't heard back yet. I don't even know if I'm a high or middle alternate (I asked them, but no reply). I like the program and I'm mostly worried about funding. From what I understand, some students have to pay tuition for the summer courses during the first two years. There will also be some tuition costs in the third and fourth years.
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